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ADR Group Annual Mediators' Conference Oxford, UK December 6, 2011
World Legal Forum 2011: Managing Corporate Conflicts, from threat to opportunity The Hague, The Netherlands December 6, 2011


Asia Pacific Mediation Leadership Summit: 'From Talk to Action'


Bangkok, Thailand December 2-4, 2011
Swisspeace: Annual Conference 2011 Bern, Switzerland November 15, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK November 15, 2011
International Congress of Transformative Mediation: "Changing people, changing the world. The transformative way of dealing with conflict.'' Ljubljana, Slovenia November 11-12, 2011
Shell vs GE: The Employer-Contractor Debate. The Best Way to Resolve Conflicts (WEBINAR) Online  November 9, 2011
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast - Tribal Conflict and Mastery New York, USA November 3, 2011
IBA Annual Conference Dubai, UAE October 30 - 4 November 2011
IVth International Conference: Mediation as an Investment in the Future Moscow, Russia October 27-29, 2011
The ADRIC Annual National Conference Vancouver, Canada October 27-28, 0211
Georgia State University's First Annual Conflict Resolution Symposium
Atlanta, Georgia, USA October 27, 2011
The II International Congress of Mediation: Restorative Justice Lisbon, Portugal October 20-22, 2011

International Mediation Alliance (IMA): European Conference on Cross-Border Mediation

Florence, Italy October 20-21, 2011
ACR: Conflict Resolution Day   October 20, 2011
Polish Civil ADR Council’s International Mediation Conference Warsaw, Poland October 19, 2011
4th CIArb Mediation Symposium London, UK October 19, 2011
International Conference on ADR: Possibilities of Cooperation between Judiciary and Economic Sector Zagreb, Croatia October 18-19, 2011
2011 ACR Annual Conference: Many Paths, One Destination San Diego, USA October 12-15, 2011
ICDR: Alternatives to Litigation in a Civil Society Dublin, Ireland October 11, 2011

ICMA Inaugural International Competition for Mediation Advocacy

Toronto, Canada October 7-11, 2011
New York, USA October 6, 2011
Congress - Cross Cultural Mediation Utrecht, The Netherlands October 4, 2011
7th Congress Integrated Mediation: Vision Mediation. What's the outlook? Berlin, Germany October 1, 2011
Annual Conference of the Romanian section of GEMME Craiova, Romania September 23, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK September 13, 2011

ICDR Y&I Seminar for Young Practitioners: Two Roundtables in the Center of Moscow: Current Themes in International Arbitration.

Moscow, Russia September 13, 2011
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast - BURUNDI: Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities New York, USA September 8, 2011
LEADR International ADR Conference,
'kon gres 2011
Brisbane, Australia September 7-9, 2011

International Conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ljubljana, Slovenia September 2-3, 2011
AMINZ Conference 2011 Auckland, New Zealand  August 4-6, 2011
ACR Family Section Conference: 2011 - A Family Odyssey Minneapolis, USA July 27, 2011
ICDR: Four Roundtables in Times Square:
Putting the Spotlight on International Arbitration
New York, USA July 13, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK July 12, 2011 
The Association for Conflict Resolution - Greater New York Chapter (ACR-GNY) Roundtable Breakfast - How Our Values Shape Our Practice New York, USA July 7, 2011
MATA 10th Anniversary Event Windsor, UK July 7-10, 2011
Y-ADR: Early Case Assessment: How Corporations Decide What Dispute Resolution Mechanism is Right for Them Washington DC, USA June 28, 0211
AIA Conference: Alternative Disputes Resolution in the Aviation Sector and the sector of Tour Operators Brussels, Belgium June 24, 2011
New York, USA June 23, 2011
6th CIS Local Counsel Forum Almaty, Kazakhstan June 22-24, 2011
Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue: Oslo Forum - Annual Meeting for Mediators of Armed Conflict Oslo, Norway June 21-23, 2011
6th Annual Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation  New York, USA June 14-15, 2011

CIArb's Asia Pacific Conference 2011: Investment & Innovation in International Dispute Resolution

Sydney, Australia May 27-28, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK May 17, 2011
Words can be Windows or Walls: Conflict Resolution and Mediation - 2 day introduction to the Dialogue Road Map London, UK May 16-17, 2011
11th Annual DRBF International Conference São Paolo, Brazil May 14, 2011
Kluwer International Arbitration, ADR and Mediation Summit Hong Kong May 12-13,  2011
International Academy of Mediators Spring Conference: Communication in Mediation California, US May 5-7, 2011
ABA 13th Annual Spring Conference Denver, US April 13-16, 2011
CIArb European Branch meeting Paris, France April 8-9, 2011
MATA Mediation Master Class: Stephen Ruttle QC London, UK April 7, 2011
The Spring 2011 AAA Construction Conference:Construction Mediation, It's Not New, So What's Next? Santa Monica, California, US April 1, 2011
Academy of European Law Conference: Cross-Border Mediation, with a focus on E-Mediation Trier, German March 24-25, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK March 15, 2011
Mediators Beyond Borders: 4th Annual Congress Los Angeles, US March 4-6, 2011
MATA Mediation Master Class: Maria Arpa London, UK March 3, 2011
2nd AMA Conference: 'Rediscovering Mediation in the 21st Century' Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 24-25, 2011
AMINZ - Family Mediation Conference Auckland, New Zealand February 23, 2011

2nd ICC Annual International Mediation Conference: Win-Win Strategies: Tools for corporate dispute management

Paris, France February 10, 2011
ICC 6th Moot Mediation Competition Paris, France February 4-9, 2011
MATA Mediation Master Class: Michel Kallipetis QC London, UK February 3, 2011
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK January 18, 2011
2011 CPR Annual Meeting: Global Problem Solving, New Tools and Solutions New York, US

January 13-14, 2011




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