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CSR Conflict Management Center: Resolving Company-Community Conflicts The Hague, NL December 6-7, 2012
Roundtable Breakfast: The Transforming Lab New York, US December 6, 2012
Mediation Observation: Words can be windows or walls (Maria Arpa)
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London, UK November 19, 2012
19th Annual NJAPM Conference New Jersey, USA November 17, 2012
Asian Pacific Mediation Conference 2012: Mediation and its Impact on National Legal Systems Hong Kong November 16-17, 2012
14th Annual Conference of the Mediators' Institute of Ireland: Mediation: Embracing the New Era of Collaboration and Co-operation Dublin, Ireland November 16-17, 2012
Concordis International Annual Conference and Reception: Can Democracy Achieve Reconciliation? - Democracy and Reconciliation in the Context of the Arab Spring London, UK November 15, 2012
New York Peace Institute: Bring it all Back Home - International Development in Reverse New York, USA November 14, 2012
Mediators' New Breakfast Club: Zaza Elsheikh London, UK November 14, 2012
Zagreb, Croatia November 6-7, 2012
Cardoza Law School's Journal of Conflict Resolution Annual Symposium: Negotiating the Extremes: Impossible Political Dialogues in the 21st Century New York, USA November 5, 2012
Oregon Mediation Association's 26th Annual Fall Conference: The Alchemy of Conflict Resolution: Transforming Leadership in Challenging Times  Portland, Oregon, USA November 2-3, 2012
SCMA 24th Annual Fall Conference: The Working Mediator: Improving the Culture of Conflict Santa Monica, CA, USA November 2-3, 2012
POSTPONED - Fordam Law School: 7th Annual ADR Symposium: ADR Ethics in a Changing World New York, USA  November 2, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Identifying Good and Bad Mediation Practise New York, USA November 1, 2012
Queensland Bar Association: Mediators Conference Surfers Paradise, AU October 27-28, 2012
CIArb's 5th Mediation Syposium: Mediation - A one trick pony? Using Mediation in the wider context London, UK October 25, 2012
The Right Balance Between Trial and Mediation: Models, Experiences, and Proposals Rome, Italy October 19, 2012

NYSDRA 2012 Annual Conference: ADR: The Time Is Now!

Albany, NY, USA October 17-18, 2012
ADR in Asia Conference 2012 Hong Kong October 17, 2012
UIA - 17th World Forum of Mediation Centres Zagreb, Croatia October 5-6, 2012
ADR Conference: The 5Cs of ADR Singapore October 5, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: What Shaman can teach us about Mediation New York, US October 4, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Lessons Learned in Construction Conflict Resolution: Their Application in the Broader ADR Field New York, US October 4, 2012
DRBF 16th Annual Meeting and Conference New York, US September 29-30, 2012

Founding Conference of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators: Build It and They will Come! . . .A Visionary Gathering & Reunion of Family Mediators

Cape Cod, US September 27-30, 2012
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK September 12, 2012
Association for Conflict Resolution 12th Annual Conference: Creating Connections: Conflict Resolution in Deeply Divided Times New Orleans, US September 12-15, 2012
National Mediation Conference Sydney, Australia September 11-13, 2012
Mediators' New Breakfast Club: BBQ London, UK September 6, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Lessons learned in 30 years of conflict resolution in the construction industry, their application in the broader ADR field New York, USA September 6, 2012
Singapore Mediation Lecture 2012: The Man in the Middle: Lessons Learnt for International Mediation Singapore August 29, 2012
New York Peace Institute and PACT: Stories Mediators Tell: First hand accounts of the unpredictable and often dramatic nature of mediation New York, USA August 16, 2012
AMINZ Conference 2011 Wellington, NZ August 2-4, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Mediation When Mental Illness is a Factor New York, USA August 2, 2012
Y ADR New York: Diversity in ADR, Challenges and Steps Forward Ohio, USA July 24, 2012
Singapore Mediation Centre: An Asian Perspective on Mediation – Face, Guanxi & Hierarchy Singapore July 19-20, 2012
International Association for Conflict Management: Annual Conference 2012 Stellenbosch, South Africa July 11-14, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: TurkeyFailed in VOM; Headed for Paradise in Civil Mediation? New York, USA July 5, 2012
MATA Mediator Weekend  (in conjunction with IMI) and Cross-Cultural Event Windsor, UK July 5-8, 2012
Sixth Dublin Forum on International Commercial Dispute Resolution Dublin, Ireland June 29, 2012

ACR-GNY 11th Annual Conference: Faster, Higher, Stronger: Resolving conflict in a competitive world

New York, USA June 21, 2012

IMA International Conference: Mediation Without Limits!? - 2nd European Conference on Cross-Border Mediation 

Berlin, Germany June 14-15, 2012

Conference: The Right Balance Between Trial and Mediation: Before and After the European Directive

Milan, Italy June 6, 2012
Mediators' New Breakfast Club London, UK May 22, 2012
10th National Conference for Minority Professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution Colombus, Ohio, USA May 15, 2012

The European Conference of GEMME:
Perspectives on judicial mediation

Paris, France May 11, 2012
Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society: 30th Anniversary AGM and Conference Edmonton, Alberta, Canada May 4-5, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Using Theater to Transform Conflict and Create Social Change New York, US May 3, 2012
ABA Section of Dispute Resolution: 14th Annual Spring Conference Washington, US April 18-21, 2012
IAM Spring Conference 2012: International Mediation and Peacekeeping. The next frontier for IAM Washington, US April 17-18, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: Kavi: Kings against Violence Initiative New York, US April 5, 2012
Mediators New Breakfast Club London, UK March 20, 2012
Mediators Beyond Borders International's 5th Annual Congress Baltimore, US March 1-4, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: How does it feel to be a problem? New York, US March 1, 2012

International Conference: The Right Balance Between Trial and Mediation: Before and After the European Directive

Rome, Italy February 3, 2012
7th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition Paris, France February 3-8, 2012
ICC's 3rd Annual International Mediation Conference Paris, France February 2, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: How mediatiors can manage their differences with other groups of mediators New York, US February 2, 2012
mediatEUr Open Space: Envisioning the Future of European Peacemaking: What Role for a 'European Institute of Peace'? Brussels, Belgium January 27, 2012
ALMA 2012: Australasian Legal - Mediation and Arbitration Conference Hong Kong January 11-13, 2012
ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast - Mediators Beyond Borders International New York, US January 5, 2012


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