Hal Abramson receives Andrew Thomas Peacebuilder Award

IMI Independent Standards Commission member Hal Abramson, Professor of Law at Touro Law Center, New York, has received this year’s Andrew Thomas Peacebuilder Award for promotion of the field of ADR. The award was presented at New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) 2013 Annual Conference, held on October 27-29 in Albany, NY.

Mr Abramson serves as Co-Chair of the IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Taskforce and as member of the IMI Mediation Advocacy Taskforce. These Taskforces carried out unique work in identifying and developing Criteria in Intercultural and Mediation Advocacy Competency launched in 2012 and 1013. 

In his speech on receiving the Award Hal expressed what a surprise and honor it was to receive an award that recognized his contributions to the development of the dispute resolution field. After the formal ceremony, he presented remarks on the additional skills mediators need to learn when they want to help parties resolve intercultural disputes. He highlighted the skills identified by the IMI Inter-Cultural Task Force and then conducted several cross-cultural communciation exercises with members of the audience.

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