First Qualifying Assessment Program for Mediation Advocacy Certification approved

The Mediation Advocacy Qualifying Assessment Program of ACB Foundation is the very first MA-QAP to be approved to qualify Mediation Advocates/Advisors for IMI Certification.

President of ACB Foundation, Manon Schonewille, commented:

“Companies are not interested in the best legal result for a dispute but they want the best outcome for their business. The successful lawyer of the 21st century is a client-centered lawyer. Generating outcomes while using mediation advocacy will prove to be a crucial factor in serving clients better. Being an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate does not only show that you are an up-to-date legal professional, it also demonstrates that your clients’ interests are in the center of your attention”.

 To view the ACB Foundation QAP for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification, click here

For further information, see the ACB Foundation website here

For further details on IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs, go to:

For information on becoming an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP), go to:

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