Resolution Institute Launched

On 4 September 2015, the Board of LEADR & IAMA proudly announced its new name and logo:  Resolution Institute. This follows the integration on 1 January 2015 of LEADR and The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators (IAMA).

A series of emails described the process of development, the engagement of members, the values that underpin the revitalised brand and the ways in which the new name and logo encapsulate the aspirations of the organisation.

Resolution Institute Chair, Margaret Halsmith, stated that ‘Following integration, the Board has considered its most important task to be to develop a name. This has been reinforced by the urging of many members, who have seen this as an essential step for strengthening the integration. The name will enable the integrated organisation to promote excellence in dispute resolution as it will provide an identity for members, the organisation and current and future clients.’

For further information about the Resolution Institute, please see:

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