IMI invites you to express your views about the EU Mediation Directive

IMI participates in a number of activities in Europe to promote mediation. One of those activities involves providing input to the European Commission regarding the EU Mediation Directive adopted in 2008.

If you are based in or connected to one of the EU states, we encourage you to express your opinion and views about the application of the EU Mediation Directive in a public consultation launched by the European Commission.

The goal of the public consultation is to capture, review and analyse views from the broadest segment of the population: all interested individuals, mediators, legal practitioners, academics, organisations, courts, national authorities and Member States.

Results of the consultation will contribute to the Commission’s report on the application of the Directive, to be published in 2016.

Quick Facts:

The Mediation Directive seeks to:

  • ensure the quality of mediation through codes of conduct, training of mediators and other quality standards
  • facilitate the recourse to mediation
  • ensure the enforceability of agreements resulting from mediation
  • preserve the confidentiality of information concerning a mediation process
  • ensure that limitation or prescription periods do not expire during the mediation process
  • ensure the availability to the general public of information on how to contact mediators.

To complete the survey, please click here

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