A Call to Engage – A Message from Corporates to Corporates

Chances are that your industry is facing hard realities right now about surviving in a struggling economy. Capital spending is on hold, only “critical” staff have job security, and LEAN cost-cutting “Kaizens” are the jargon-of-the-day.

Chances are also that spending large amounts of money managing disputes that have taken much too long to resolve will no longer be well received in your business (if they ever were). You may be one of those responsible for accounting for this direction.

Why not suggest an alternative? 

The International Mediation Institute (“IMI”) is a non-profit organization conducting a brief (7-minute) survey(https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IMI-2015-biennial-census-survey) on the state of conflict management and corporate users in particular. The survey is the launch of greater international awareness about the growth of practical and sustainable conflict resolution systems.

As (current and former) corporate representatives ourselves, we understand the pressures you are facing and the need for continuous improvement to remain relevant. Please help us to communicate these needs to the dispute resolution world through this survey to ensure that the tools that are developed are not only for us but by us.

In addition, starting in March through June 2017, Users, providers, and others interested in ADR will convene in 38 locations in 26 countries globally to explore these questions in person and electronically through the Global Pound Conference (GPC) (http://globalpoundconference.org). We urge you to attend one of the GPC events that will be held in your locale. In advance of the GPC we urge you to take the first step today that can make the change by completing the survey that you can access through the below link. Invite those whose opinions you value to do the same.

The future is today – click on the link to take the first step to make that change (then forward to those whose opinions you value)—thank you and we hope to see you at GPC!

Take the survey here:  

Deborah Masucci, IMI Chairwoman of the Board
Former VP, Dispute Resolution, AIG

Doug McKay, IMI Board Director
VP, International Organizations, Shell International

Ute A. Joas Quinn, IMI Board Director
Associate General Counsel, Hess Corporation

Wolf von Kumberg, IMI Board Director
Former European Legal Director, Northrop Grumman

Mike McIlWrath, IMI Board Director
Global Chief Litigation Counsel, GE Oil & Gas

Isabelle Hautot, IMI Board Director
General Counsel, France Telecom-Orange Group

Michael Leathes
Former Head of Intellectual Property at BAT

Philip Ray
Former Senior Counsel, Siemens AG

Sven Dumoulin
General Counsel, Akzo Nobel

John Lowe
Board Director, ACC Europe

Abhijit Mukhopadhyay
President (Legal) and Company Secretary, Hinduja Group

John Pyall
Director (SIMC) 
Manager (Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE Facilitated Claims)

Bruce Whitney
Former Chief Litigation Counsel of Air Products

Roland Schroeder
Chair, Corporate Counsel International Arbitration Group (CCIAG)
Global Executive Litigation Counsel, General Electric Company



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