IMI Days

During May and June IMI Days will be held in Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain. We would like to invite those of you who will be in these locations on the following dates:

May 16, 2016: IMI Day – São Paulo, Brazil
May 23, 2016: IMI Day – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
May 24, 2016: IMI Day – London, United Kingdom
June 4, 2016: IMI Day – New Jersey, United States
June 7, 2016: IMI Day – Madrid, Spain

IMI Days are by invitation only as space is limited. These events give members of the IMI Community and those interested in the work of IMI an opportunity to hear more about IMI, the values & role, current activities and recent developments in the work of UNCITRAL and launch of Global Pound Conference Series 2016-17.

IMI days are kindly hosted by the International Dispute Resolution Centre (United Kingdom), Instituto de Formação e Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos (Portuguese-speaking countries), NJCU School of Business – Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) (United States), and the World Mediation Summit (Spain).

If you would like to join us at any of the IMI Days, we ask that you RSVP to this invitation with your name by email to Please let us know if you would like to bring colleagues and friends, and if there are any issues you would like discussed at the meeting.

IMI also supports the following events in May and June:

May 6, 2016: 2016 Brazil Business Mediation Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 3, 2016: ADR Day XIX, New Jersey, United States
June 8-10, 2016: World Mediation Summit, Madrid, Spain
June 16-17, 2016: IBA Conference: Sports Disputes in the year of the Rio Olympics: What ADRs have to offer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 28-July 2, 2016: CDRC Vienna 2016: The IBA:VIAC Mediation and Negotiation Competition, Austria

IMI Community members are offered special rates at the conference events supported by IMI. If you are interested in attending these events, please click the links above for registration information.

For a further list of mediation events worldwide, please see

Yours sincerely,

Irena Vanenkova and Emma Ewart

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