IMI Engineering Peace in UN ECOSOC

Building on the IMI strategy to support mediation at the UN (Engineering Peace) and following the efforts at the UN by IMI Board Directors Malik Dahlan and Deborah Masucci and ISC member Bennett Picker, an IMI Statement was formally circulated by the UN Secretary General to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Session at the end of July.

The Statement explains that for the past two years, IMI has been building international standards for the neutral facilitation of political disputes by diplomats and State leaders, among others. The Statement mentions the thought leadership and technical assistance given by IMI to the European Commission and the Energy Charter Secretariat, ICSID and ASEAN as well as in relation to the CETA, TTIP and TPP.

The Statement expresses the resolve of IMI to participate in the ECOSOC post-2015 Agenda entitled “moving from commitment to results”. A full copy of the IMI Statement is posted at:

As the only mediation platform with the global position and the Consultative Status capacity, IMI looks to partner with member-states and international organizations to bring the proposals to fruition

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