Investor-State Mediator Training – Pilot Program

12, 13, 14 June 2017, Washington DC, USA

There is increasing interest in the potential for mediation to resolve investor-State disputes. Recent international treaties contain specific provisions on the use of mediation in investor-State disputes, and much work has been done by organizations and institutions to promote the availability and benefits of mediation in the investment dispute context.


This 3-day interactive, practice-based investor-State mediator training, designed jointly by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the International Mediation Institute (IMI) and the International Energy Charter, will cover the context, framework and practice of investor-State disputes, and will provide experienced mediators with  knowledge and skills to mediate investment disputes.Successful completion of the course will lead to the IMI Certification in Investor-State Competency.


Course registration is open to –

  • individuals who have participated in basic mediator training (40 hours minimum)* and
  • individuals who have practical experience serving as mediator.*

Experience in investor-State arbitration is desirable but not essential.

*To be assessed by CEDR during the application process.

Download the event flyer at:

The cost
USD 2500.00 for all participants


Investor-State Mediator Training – Curriculum

The course will be conducted in English and relies heavily on an interactive teaching methodology. It will cover the following:



Investor-State Disputes: Context & Framework

This session will cover the background of investment disputes, including the types of investments, profiles of investors, and categories of disputes that may arise. It will further provide an overview of the existing investor-State dispute settlement system.

Investor-State Mediation: Specific Process Considerations

This part of the course will explore process considerations specific to disputes between investors and States, providing participants with tools and techniques customized for investor-State mediations.


Day 2

Intercultural Competency

An intercultural competency framework, culturally-shaped preferences and organizational cultures will be explored in the investor-State mediation context.

Designing a Mediation Process for Investor-State Disputes

Building on the specific considerations and dynamics of investment disputes reviewed on Day 1, this session will focus on designing a suitable investor-State mediation process.

Conducting an Effective Investor-State Mediation Process

A wide range of mediation techniques will be reviewed in this session using a practice-based approach. Issues around settlement agreements and principles of co-mediation will also be addressed.

Ethical Considerations

This session focuses on ethical challenges encountered by investor-State mediators and explores options how these can be addressed effectively.

Day 3

Assessment Day

Using a roleplay approach, each participant will act as a mediator and be assessed by experienced CEDR trainers, applying a set of competencies especially developed for investor-state mediators. Confidential feedback will also be provided following the assessment session.

For more information or to book a place
Please contact the training team on +44(0)20 7536 6000, email or use the CEDR secure serverto book online.

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