Changes to the Leadership of IMI

IMI Board: Please join us in welcoming a new IMI Board member:

László Molnár served as a career diplomat with the Hungarian foreign service for nearly two decades. A few of his assignments at home and abroad included the following positions: deputy state secretary for multilateral relations; one of the state secretaries overseeing integration of Hungary into the EU; consul general, ambassador and permanent representative of Hungary to the UN in New York. His international diplomatic assignments related mainly to international security and nuclear nonproliferation (e.g. chairman and vice-chair of NPT PrepCom and Review Conference). From 2007 to 2014 he worked as executive director for Cisco with responsibilities in government affairs, business development and cybersecurity.

He is a consultant of the Paris-based Cybersecurity Advisors Network (CyAN) and a partner at the Technopolis Innovation Center in Budapest, in partnership with the Silicon Valley-based Plug and Play Tech Center.

“As a young scholar in the mid 80’s I had the rare opportunity to be involved in the Harvard Negotiation Project. Studying the “art of negotiation” there turned out to have a long lasting impact on the rest of my career. Mediation became a practical part of my professional life, first as a diplomat, then as a corporate person and most recently as an entrepreneur. Now I am particularly honored to have the chance to draw on my long time experience directly as a Board member of the prestigious IMI.” – said László Molnár on joining the IMI Board.  

IMI Chair Debbie Masucci added: “The strength of the IMI Board is the diversity of views and experiences that each of the members brings to our discussions and initiatives. Laszlo adds to that diversity. We all look forward to working with him.”

IMI ISC: IMI Independent Standards Commission finalised the formation of the Executive Committee to make the leadership of ISC stronger and more inclusive. Please meet the members of the ISC Executive Committee:

Co-Chair Judith P. Meyer, USA – Commercial Mediator;  Principal, JPMeyer Associates;  Fellow, the International Academy of Mediators and the American College of Civil Trial Mediators;  Member of the mediator panels of AAA Mediation, Construction Dispute Resolution Systems, US-China Business Mediation Center and CPR Institute.

Co-Chair Constantin-Adi Gavrilă, Romania – Director, Craiova Mediation Center; Past President, Mediation Centers Union of Romania. Adi is also a Co-Chair of the IMI ISC Appraisals Committee.

Mark Appel, Malta – Independent international Arbitrator, Mediator, Consultant, Trainer and Principal at Appel Dispute Resolution. Mark is the Chair of the IMI Investor State Mediation Task Force. 

Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves, Malaysia – Lawyer, Teacher, Mediator and organizational developer, founder of Convirgente, President of Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos with operations in all Portuguese-speaking countries. Ana is the Chair of the IMI Online Dispute Resolution Task Force.

Margaret Halsmith, Australia – Chair of Resolution Institute; Member of ADRAC (Australian Dispute Resolution Advisory Council);  Founding Member of International Advisory Board of Afghanistan Centre for Commercial Dispute Resolution.

Jeremy Lack, Switzerland – ADR Neutral and an independent lawyer, Chair of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (Section Romandie), Geneva;  Jeremy is a member of the Executive Committee of the IMI Joint International Task Force on Mixed Mode Dispute Resolution and Coordinator of the IMI Global Pound Conference Series 2016-2017.

James South, UK – Director of Training, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). James is the Chair of the IMI ISC Task Force on Standards for Training Programs and Competency Criteria for Assessors and Trainers.

Professor Ellen Waldman, USA – Professor of Law, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, San Diego; Author and Editor, Mediation Ethics – Cases & Commentaries, 2011. Ellen is the Chair of the IMI ISC Ethics Committee.

More information about the ISC and its Committees and Task Forces.

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