Six Month Marriage – Ten-year Law Suit

A couple from Izmir, Turkey, who decided to get a divorce in the sixth month of their marriage, got a divorce in three years. Their alimony case that lasted for 10 years was recently resolved with the help of GMN Certified mediator; Ms Yuksel Okyay Evren.

AA (63) and MA (53) who married in Izmir ten years ago, decided to get a divorce after six months due to irreconcilable differences. AA filed a law suit in 2007. The suit was rejected due to MA’s unwillingnessWhen AA went to court again three years later, the couple got a divorce. AA was sentenced to pay 11.000 TL compensation. When the payment was not made within the required time period, execution proceedings were commencedIn return, AA filed a suit to get rid of the compensation that he was paying. As a result, the amount of compensation was reduced

The process continued with MA going to court for an increase in compensation and AA going to court for a decrease. After this never-ending process of going to court, MA had recourse to the mediator Ms.Yuksel Okyay Evren on January 25th this year. Evren noted that both parties wished to put an end to the court process which had lasted for ten years, while the marriage only lasted for six months.

She said: “Both parties spent time and money. Their minds were both preoccupied with these lawsuits. The parties were not even willing to get in touch. Also, when the lawyers of both parties focused on their clients’ financial well-being, there was no opportunity for an agreement. Mediation worked extremely efficiently for this couple because both parties wished for a quick resolution. It was possible to come to an agreement on all the lawsuits filed, execution proceedings and the continuing compensations. However, during the process the parties never got together. The parties signed the agreement in separate rooms. Never-ending lawsuits and hostility has finally come to an end.”

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