IMI: Looking Forward to the Next 10 Years

IMI was formed in 2007 and over the past 10 years the organisation has developed a unique and important leadership role in amicable dispute resolution on a global level. IMI’s achievements have been many, and key among them: (a) bringing a sharp focus on mediation quality, skills and competency transparency; (b) developing mediation ethics and the first global Code of Professional Conduct for Mediators; (c) expressing collective views on key issues such as the UNCITRAL Convention on the enforcement of mediated settlements and mediation in Investor-State disputes; (d) initiating the recent Global Pound Conference Series; and (e) convening many of the leading international provider organizations to work together in practical ways for the benefit of mediation thought leadership and development worldwide.

In this, the 10th anniversary of IMI, the Board of Directors has decided to increase the diversity and spread of the IMI mission by reorganising its Mission and operations to increase its reach and delivery, concentrate its focus, and reduce its costs, while at the same time remaining a user-led, not-for-profit charitable foundation.

At the recent IMI board meeting in Amsterdam, new members of the Board were welcomed. They include:

  • Karl Hennessee, Vice-President and Head of Litigation & Regulatory Affairs at Airbus SAS.
  • Pierrick Le Goff, General Counsel of Alstom.
  • László Molnár, Managing Director of B.M. Consulting Ltd.
  • James South, Director of Training for the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

For more detailed information on the Board members, please go to:

At the same Board meeting, Kimberly Taylor, Chief Legal and Operating Officer for JAMS, joined Deborah Masucci as Co-Chair of the Board of Directors.

The Global Pound Conference Series brought to the IMI Board and the Dispute Resolution and Management field many ideas for the future direction of the field. IMI is positioning itself to be a major player pushing change and bringing stakeholders together.

IMI is undergoing a rigorous top to bottom review after the success of the Global Pound Conference series. The information provided through the data gives IMI an opportunity to realign itself to further influence the future of dispute management and resolution. The Board and the Executive Director, Irena Vanenkova, are actively involved in the reshaping that will include integrating the many benefits derived from the Global Pound Conference. The Board is committed to reinforcing high quality standards in the practice of mediation globally that includes certification of mediators and mediation advocates. Users and other stakeholders depend on these standards and the people who are qualified under the standards to ensure quality and trust in the practice of mediation.

This review will continue with a rollout of any changes in early 2018.

Details of this reorganisation will be announced over the next few months, but for now there are some short-term changes you will see, including:

  • IMI is upgrading its technology and website. In the next week we will launch a new website and e mail service. The IMI website will have a new look and feel. There you will find all of the excellent content and be able to navigate the system more easily. The new website will also provide stronger IT security.
  • The Mediator and Mediation Advocate databases will undergo a total revision. In the next month, there will be a pause in access to these databases so we can provide new functionality. The search engine will be easier to operate. You will receive a separate email providing time lines for the transition and how it will impact you.
  • The Certification and Qualifying Assessment Program processes will be reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the IMI community and users. It is important that we ensure high-quality standards, yet also provide opportunities for new and diverse entrants into the field.

We also have exciting news on a personal level!

Emma Ewart, who joined IMI in 2009 as Operations Manager, will be leaving her role shortly as she is expecting her first child in November. We all wish Emma the very best and hope she will return to IMI early in the new year. While Emma is away, her duties will be shared by the administrative staff of the CEDR, the ICDR, and JAMS. Your inquiries will be answered and interface with IMI will be seamless.

Thank you for your continued commitment and involvement with IMI.

Irena Vanenkova
IMI Executive Director

Deborah Masucci and Kimberly Taylor
Co-Chairs of the Board
29 September 2017

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