Certified Mediator Training Programs are here!

Since publishing standards for Training Programs, as well as for Trainers, Coaches, and Assessors, IMI has been working to make roll-out a reality. As of 1 January 2019, organisations can apply to be recognised as a Certified Mediator Training Program. Certified Mediator Training Programs, or CMTPs, deliver training that meets international standards. Individuals who complete this training will be known as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators‘. (Note: See name change information here.)

What is the difference between ‘IMI Qualified’ and ‘IMI Certified’ Mediators?

IMI Qualified Mediators

These mediators have completed a training program of at least 40 hours’ duration that has been assessed as meeting IMI Training Program standards. This training program is a Certified Mediator Training Program.

IMI Certified Mediators

These mediators are highly experienced, have completed at least 200 hours of/20 mediations, and have been assessed by a Qualifying Assessment Program as meeting IMI standards.

Why should I become an IMI Qualified Mediator?

  • IMI Qualified Mediators are recognised as completing a high-quality mediation course that meets international standards
  • IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs provide the rigour and future-focused support required for professional development of yourself as mediator, and of mediation as an area of expertise
  • Meeting international standards enhances career mobility for mediators
  • Completing an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program means you have a distinct advantage in meeting the ‘Mediation Skills’ and ‘Mediation Knowledge’ requirements of certification as an IMI Certified Mediator
  • Those choosing to be listed as ‘IMI Qualified’ on the IMI website have access to automated feedback collection tools that will assist them in their professional development

How do I find my nearest CMTP?

As CMTPs are approved, they will be announced on the IMI website. You will also be able to search by location, as you already can for Qualifying Assessment Programs.

Why should our organisation become a CMTP?

  • Becoming an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program means that your training programs meet the independent international standards for mediator training
  • This is a guarantee of quality that can be leveraged by your organisation in marketing; it also helps to ensure that your organisation continues to develop and attain the high standards associated with business success
  • Being an CMTP raises the profile of your organisation, and of mediation in your area
  • CMTPs will be searchable on the IMI website, so that people looking for training in a given location will be able to locate you to sign up for your training programs
  • IMI receives many enquiries from people seeking training, and naturally IMI will be directing them towards the organisations IMI knows meets international standards: i.e. IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs

How do I become a CMTP?

Apply to be recognised as a CMTP using the application form in the main menu; you can read more about the process here. Existing QAPs are encouraged to participate.

I know of an organisation that delivers quality mediation training, how can they become a CMTP?

All organisations are welcome to apply to become CMTPs, and we encourage you to reach out to training providers to suggest they apply.

Why has IMI developed this certification?

Offering IMI Accreditation begins to build a career path for would-be mediators, from ‘newly-trained’ to ‘highly experienced’.  This will help mediation to reach wider audiences, while enhancing professionalisation and embedding standards in mediation worldwide. See also IMI’s Vision and Mission.

Where can I learn more?

Individuals wishing to become IMI Qualified, please see the page ‘Become IMI Qualified‘. Organisations wishing to become CMTPs, please see the page ‘Register a Certified Mediator Training Program‘.

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