Top Mediation Resources for Students

Enda is an IMI Certified Mediator and prior member of IMI’s Young Mediator Initiative. The below personal blog post from LinkedIn is republished in its entirety with permission of the author (original here).

I regularly deliver training and lectures on mediation for the William J. Clinton Leadership at Queen’s University Belfast and I’m often asked where is the best place to find more details on mediation. 

This article is aimed at students interested in mediation and its primary focus is on people living in Northern Ireland/UK/Ireland. My background is in community and workplace mediation, therefore, this is not designed to be an exhaustive list of the websites/books/recourse available, but rather a list of some of the resources that I personally find useful. Apologies in advance to all those authors and owners of resources I have missed, and please use the comments below to add the resources that you find useful! 

Firstly, as I’m an accredited mediator with both institutes, the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) and the International Mediators Institute (IMI) are a good place to start, and you can find a full list of accredited mediation training courses for continuing your mediation training. The Civil Mediation Council and Scottish Mediation are also both really useful points of reference for other training courses and general mediation resources.  The organisations I can personally recommend for mediation training course are; TIDES, Mediation Northern Ireland, CEDR, The TCM Group, Core Solutions, PATRIR, Family Mediation (for more specific family focused mediation)

Online Resources/Websites/Organisations