Processing fees for QAP applications

IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs qualify Mediators and Mediation Advocates to become IMI Certified. Qualifying Assessment Programs, or QAPs, are run by organisations located around the world. (Find your nearest QAP here.)

Until now, applying to register a QAP has been free-of-charge, and all work by IMI as well as by members of the Appraisal Committee has been done on a voluntary basis. While Appraisal Committee members continue to volunteer their valuable time in assisting organisations to reach the high standards required of a QAP, IMI has now implemented processing fees for QAP applications in line with those for applications to become a Certified Mediator Training Program. All applications that are not currently in the process of being vetted by the Appraisal Committee, i.e. have not successfully passed the first check by IMI’s staff, will be subject to these processing fees.

Organisations’ application processing fees are used towards IMI’s associated internal costs, and supports the development of mediation standards worldwide.  IMI is not a service provider, and is funded entirely by donations and contributions. Learn more about IMI’s funding here, and read more about the application process to become a QAP here:

IMI are also working on the development of an auditing system, again in line with that for Certified Mediator Training Programs. QAPs will be audited every two years following approval, with the aim of ensuring quality standards are up-held and developed. Further news will be announced at the end of 2019, and we will be reaching out to existing QAPs in due course.

Thank you as always for your support of IMI.

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