Name Change: “IMI Accredited” becomes “IMI Qualified”

In January of this year we rolled out the possibility for organisations that deliver mediator skills training to have their training programs recognised as IMI “Certified Mediator Training Programs” (CMTPs).  Mediators who complete such programs were to be known as “IMI Accredited”, as the first step in their mediation career. This first level will now be known as “IMI Qualified“. There is no change to “IMI Certified”, which remains the certification for highly-experienced mediators.

The IMI Mediation Career Pathway

It is not necessary to be “IMI Qualified” to later become “IMI Certified” – other training may suffice, as long as the person meets the assessment requirements. Organisations can become both QAPs and CMTPs, but an organisation which is a QAP only cannot vet people as “IMI Qualified”. Keep an eye on our website in the next 10 days for an announcement of the first wave of approved CMTPs.

Remember, if you are IMI Qualified, you can join IMI’s Young Mediators Initiative and benefit from associated opportunities and mentorship–this will help you with ‘Stage 2’ of your mediation career, as you head towards eventual IMI Certification.

Why this change?

In the time since roll-out of CMTP applications, several issues have been raised by stakeholders:

  1. Nomenclature – “IMI Accredited” was thought not to be clearly distinguished from “IMI Certified”, and in some instances clashed with local jurisdictions’ use of the term
  2. How CMTPS and QAPs, and IMI Accreditation and Certification, fit together
  3. Quality control and integrity (i.e. no “pay to play”)

IMI held its annual face-to-face Board meeting in London 25-26 June, and these issues were discussed extensively, incorporating feedback. These are t