The Singapore Convention – Life After 7 August

IMI are proud to be a supporting organisation for the conference “The Singapore Convention: Life after 7 August” taking place on 8 August. We encourage interested parties worldwide to attend via webinar, and join the LinkedIn Group for ongoing discussions.


JAMS, the Society of Mediation Professionals (Singapore) and the Mediation Committee of the IBA celebrate the signing of the Singapore Convention by convening this group of global mediation experts. During this dynamic and interactive programme, panellists will discuss the practicalities of adoption and integration of cross-border mediation as an effective dispute resolution mechanism, by member states.

The sessions will cover:

  • Views from Asia on the Convention, incorporating the topic: ‘Ethical and professional issues on mediation representation’
  • Views from Australia, New Zealand and UK on the Convention, incorporating the topic: ‘Mediation as a profession’
  • Views from USA and Europe on the Convention, incorporating the topic: ‘Fee arrangements that supports mediation’
  • Views on the future of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS)

The following speakers have confirmed:

Gary Birnberg (USA/Brazil)
Ximena Bustamante (Ecuador)
James Claxton (Japan)
Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky (Argentina)
Hector Flores Sentíes (Mexico)
Dr. Paul Gibson (Australia)
Shaun Henriques (UAE)
Ranse Howell (USA/UK)
Michel Kallipetis QC (UK)
Jeremy Lack (Switzerland)
Lim Lei Theng (Singapore)
Tat Lim (Singapore)
Dr. Hamed Merah (Saudi Arabia)
Natalie Y. Morris-Sharma (Singapore)
Blažo Nedić (Serbia)
Dorcas Quek (Singapore)
Ignacio Ripol (Spain)
Ana Sambold (USA)
Jawad Sarwana (Pakistan)
Geoff Sharp (NZ, UK)
Sukhsimranjit Singh (USA, India)
James South (UK, NZ)
Tom Stipanowich (USA)
Hazel Tang (Singapore)
Kimberly Taylor (USA)
Tom Valenti (USA)
Mary Walker (Australia)
Zhang Wei (China)

We hope you can make it.


JAMS, Society of Mediation Professionals (Singapore) and the Mediation Committee of the International Bar Association ( IBA)

Laura Skillen

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