Call for IMI representatives at Asia Pacific ADR Conference

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The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (UNCITRAL RCAP) has invited IMI to send a representative to the 8th Asia Pacific ADR Conference on 20 September 2019 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The event is co-organized by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board International (KCAB INTERNATIONAL), the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Korea (MOJ), the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center (Seoul IDRC). 

The conference will highlight important aspects of the need for balance between ensuring legitimacy and delivering efficiency in international dispute resolution, aiming to provide a holistic insight into ADR today. The conference topic is “Ensuring Legitimacy, Delivering Efficiency: Procedural Trends and Potential Reforms in Dispute Resolution.” UNCITRAL Secretary Anna Joubin-Bret will be speaking on current issues in investment arbitration. 

The event is free admission and registration can be completed at:

IMI is seeking volunteers to attend as a delegate for IMI. Volunteers are asked to submit a Report about the event when it is concluded.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in representing IMI at this event.

Deborah Masucci
Co Chair of the IMI Board

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