New Certified Mediator Training Program: MTI East Africa

MTI East Africa have had their training program approved as an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program operating in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This is in addition to their existing IMI Qualifying Assessment Program for the assessment of experienced mediators.

This means MTI East Africa are now able to work with mediators from their very first training, where they can become ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’, though their career as it develops, until they reach the experience and quality requirements associated with IMI Certification. We are delighted to working with an organisation that is doing such fantastic work in the region.

MTI East Africa are also recognised by our partners, the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

About MTI East Africa

MTI East Africa (now MTI AFRICA) is the foremost provider of Professional training, Certification and consulting in mediation (Professional mediation and advanced mediation training) in the whole of the Africa Continent.

From their website

View MTI East Africa’s approved CMTP here. Their website is

Congratulations to MTI East Africa!

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