IMI and Online Dispute Resolution

In these challenging times, we are seeing a lot of mediators moving to online practice and meetings. You may already be aware that IMI have established criteria for online mediation / e-mediation, and as of our February Board meeting, are working to offer a new IMI Specialisation in Online Mediation. We hope that this will become available in the next 6 months.

Mediators who complete an ‘ODR Qualifying Assessment Program’ will be known as an ‘IMI Online Mediation Specialist’.

View the criteria here:

If you are a mediator conducting mediations online during this period, we encourage you to keep a logbook and/or collect feedback, so that you can gain this new IMI Specialisation once it becomes available. The minimum requirement will be 20 e-mediations in the last 24/36 months, or 5 full-scale e-mediations for existing IMI Certified Mediators.

Organisations who deliver training or assessment in online dispute resolution may wish to familiarise themselves with the criteria (above), so that they can register their program as an ODR-QAP once this is available.

IMI are delighted to be moving forward with this initiative, and we wish you and yours the best in these times.

View IMI’s ODR Taskforce here >

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