Manon Schonewille on the practicalities of moving your mediation business online

Current developments are forcing us to work differently and to treat each other differently. This is a major challenge for all of us, but it also offers opportunities to do things differently and change fixed structures.

Most of us are used to offering parts of a mediation process via telephone or online platforms, but completely online is new to many. In recent days, the association has received many questions about this. That is why the NMv organizes a practical online seminar for its members in which we will jointly discuss the challenges and opportunities in online mediation and how we as a professional group can give substance to this new reality.

Conflicts are not quarantined, there is a new reality and we as mediators can make an important contribution by staying active right now. Mediators can switch flexibly and thus offer mediations in all circumstances, for example online. And that is important because we as a society will continue to face many challenges and conflicts in the near future. Waiting until at some point in the futur