IMI 2030: Taking Mediation Forward

At IMI’s Board meeting two weeks ago, we discussed the next steps for IMI. We are dedicated to our ongoing vision of “professional mediation worldwide: promoting consensus and access to justice” and mission to:

  1. Set and achieve high mediation standards
  2. Convene stakeholders and parties
  3. Promote understanding and adoption of mediation
  4. Disseminate skills for parties, counsel and mediators

With that in mind, we developed four major strategic focus areas for us to work on over the next ten years, reflecting needs in mediation and issues identified by users and the community.

Green pledge, human rights, sustainability and climate change in disputes.
What are the ramifications of digitalisation for mediation?
Ensuring diversity and inclusion in the mediation profession
The Singapore Convention, investor-state activities, and (inter)national policy initiatives
IMI 2030: Strategic Focus Areas

Within each of these strategic focus areas, we will naturally continue to work on professionalisation, mediation education, and thought leadership.

Where to from here?

IMI’s Board has been divided into working groups, each looking at one of these areas to assess what resources exist and what specific actions IMI will take. At this point we invite your feedback. If you have thoughts, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, or resources to add to these discussions, please leave a comment below, or email Your feedback will be passed on to the relevant working group as we continue to take these initiatives forward.

Thank you as ever for your support of IMI.

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