Video available (🇦🇪)—Laila El Shentenawi on the Middle East and the Singapore Convention on Mediation

IMI Board Member Laila El Shentenawi recently joined the IMI-SIMI Singapore Convention Seminar Series to give a talk on the implications of the Singapore Convention for the Middle East. Note that the introduction and some of the questions are in English, but the main content is in Arabic.

Thank you to Jess Low of the Singapore International Mediation Institute for hosting while IMI Executive Director Laura Skillen was on leave, and of course to Laila for her time.

Laura Skillen

Posted by Laura Skillen

Laura is part-time Executive Director at IMI. She is also a full-time PhD Researcher in International Relations at the University of Kent in Brussels, where she investigates 'how blame makes villains in politics', encompassing work on rhetoric, emotions, and polarisation.

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