The Mediators’ Green Pledge

IMI are proud to be supporting the Mediators’ Green Pledge, officially launched today. Mediators have a special role to play in finding new, collaborative ways to resolve conflicts and share resources, including in relation to climate change.

…when we allow competition to become the dominant feature of our decision making, we lose our grounding and start to see scarcity in places it may not even exist.

Figueres, Christiana. The Future We Choose (p. 54). Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

The Pledge may be viewed on the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC) website, and individuals are invited to consider their practice and sign.

Mediators with IMI profiles who have signed the Pledge may add this to their profiles, and in future we will be rolling out a search filter so that users can choose to search for ‘Green’ mediators. To add this to your profile, simply ‘edit’ and indicate that you have signed the Pledge.

IMI’s own carbon footprint is off-set through tree planting, and IMI’s Board have established a Working Group on Sustainability.

Take the Green Pledge

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