The International Mediation Institute and its Young Mediators Initiative are once more supporting the 2TG-RMLNLU International Mediation Competition as Knowledge Partners.

About the Competition

The RMLNLU Mediation Competition, starting as the oldest domestic Alternate Dispute Resolution competition in South Asia, is one of the major mediation competitions across India. In its one of a kind format, the competition entails the participation of a team which shall consist of two members–one playing the role of a Mediator and the other playing the role of a Negotiator. There shall be two mediators and two negotiators (all four from different teams) competing against each other in a session. Each team shall be participating in two preliminary rounds, which will subsequently be followed with quarters, semis and final rounds.

– RMLNLU’s organising committee
Laura Skillen

Posted by Laura Skillen

Laura is part-time Executive Director at IMI. She is also a full-time PhD Researcher in International Relations at the University of Kent in Brussels, where she investigates 'how blame makes villains in politics', encompassing work on rhetoric, emotions, and polarisation.

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