Upcoming Event: Lex Macula National Mediation Competition

IMI are delighted to be a Supporting Organisation for the upcoming 1st Lex Macula National Mediation Competition (India).

We are organising the 1st Lex Macula National Mediation Competition to provide an opportunity to the budding lawyers and law students to explore and enhance their skills in one of the emerging field of law ” Alternate Dispute Resolution”.

Through our competition, not only the participants compete but they experience and learn from the best of the existing minds in the profession. The luminaries will guide as well as teach them the art of Mediation via a training session. 

Competition organisers

Dates: 15-17 May
Venue: Online
Registration fee: INR 1500
Eligibility: Law students in India
Registration: Here

Laura Skillen

Posted by Laura Skillen

Laura is part-time Executive Director at IMI. She is also a full-time PhD Researcher in International Relations at the University of Kent in Brussels, where she investigates 'how blame makes villains in politics', encompassing work on rhetoric, emotions, and polarisation.

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