Incoming Operations Manager: Chimdimma Onyedebelu

IMI has grown significantly over the past few years, and so we recently sought to recruit a new Operations Manager to assist with daily operations. Chimdimma, based in Nigeria, has accepted the role, and we look forward to everything her experiences and perspective will bring to the organisation. Chimdimma will be particularly active in assisting organisations who submit their programs for IMI appraisal, and in corresponding with our mediators. She reports to the Executive Director, and will be starting on July 19. A warm welcome to Chimdimma!

About Chimdimma

Chimdimma Onyedebelu is a lawyer extremely passionate about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR); studying it as early as a second year undergraduate, building up to a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M. – Dispute Resolution), and establishing a full-time career in dispute resolution.

She is a certified Mediator and Arbitrator with experience in training and facilitation, strategic planning, and program design and implementation.

She is a member of several dispute resolution networks across the world, including IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative, which support her passion to keep building a career in effective dispute management.

A young Mediator herself, she loves interacting with fellow young dispute resolution professionals – speaking during workshops and conferences, sharing knowledge and experience, exchanging ideas, and generally providing guidance, support and encouragement to those who are interested in, and committed to developing capacity in the field. Born in America, Chimdimma lives in Nigeria where she is a member of the panel of neutrals of ADR centres, and primarily consults for various stakeholders in dispute management.

Chimdimma’s YMI profile may be found here, and her LinkedIn here.

5 thoughts on “Incoming Operations Manager: Chimdimma Onyedebelu”

  1. She is intelligent, smart, driven lawyer, and she is very passionate about mediation and other ADR methods.

  2. Edidiong Ekpo

    I believe Chimdimma is the best woman for the job. She is definitely an asset and a fantastic addition to IMI.

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