Experience Qualification Path
Category 2: Concilia
Mediation Locations
Italy, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Germany, Malaysia, India
Mediation languages
Current position and background
Alessandro Bruni is founding partner, board member, long-term expert ADR trainer, professional international mediator and arbitrator of CONCILIA - since 1999 the Italian leading ADR Provider, headquartered in Rome, at Via Arno, 36 - postal code 00198 , and with secondary offices in many Italian cities; and - via EUresolve Ltd. - in many EU countries. CONCILIA, founded in 1999, is one of the first ADR Center accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice as "professional-mediators training Institute" and as "ADR Provider" (www.concilia.it - www.conflictresolution.it - alessandro.bruni@concilia.it).
Alessandro brought CONCILIA to win many prestigious international awards as "Best ADR Provider of the Year", "best for Commercial Dispute Resolution - Italy", "Sustained Excellence in Mediation" and "Mediation Firm of The Year", with Corporate International, Acquisition International, Corporate Livewire and others .
CONCILIA was included by IMI in Category 2, among the list of Organizations qualifying their mediator panels on the basis of established high competency standards.
In 2013 CONCILIA was nominated, as first and sole in Italy, IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) by the Independent Standard Commission of the IMI.
Alessandro Bruni is an Avvocato, admitted to the Italian BAR (2004).

Alessandro is an Italian international mediator and arbitrator, accredited in Switzerland (he is the youngest Mediator of the Court of Arbitration for Sport - TAS-CAS), Belgium (Commission fédérale de médiation), UK (Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators), France (Conference Internationale de la Médiation Judiciaire – CIMJ and Groupement Européen des Magistrats pour la Médiation - GEMME), Austria (Vienna International Arbitral Centre - VIAC), Slovenia (European Centre for Dispute Resolution - ECDR), India (Indian Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators – IIAM), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration), Italy (Ministry of Justice, Curia Mercatorum, many Italian Chambers of commerce, Arbitral Chamber of the Italian Authority for Agricultural Supplies, Florence International Mediation Chamber – FIMC, Mediation Chamber of the National Commission on Stock Exchange - CONSOB, CONCILIA LLC).

Since 1996 he has been practising mediation, arbitration and other ADR techniques.
In 2007 he became one of the first Italian Professional Mediators accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice and authorized in conducting corporate, banking and financial professional mediations, and one of the few "professional-mediators trainer" accredited by the same Ministry.
Since 2007 he is professor of "Mediation and Conciliation" and "Strategic Management of the Human Resources" at The Internartional Academy of Sciences of Peace, Rome.
In the Academic Years 2004, 2005 and 2006 he was “Cultore della Materia” (Assistant Professor) in "Mediation and Conciliation" at the University of Pisa - CISP, Italy.

Alessandro is an International ADR Trainer and Speaker for:
ERA Academy, Trier (D)
European Mediation Training for Practitioner of Justice, Bruxelles (B)
Court of Appeal of Craiova (RO), in Romania and Bulgaria
Riga School of Law, (LV) – nominated
UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres (F)
Gemme (European Group of Magistrates for Mediation)
CIMJ (International Conference of Judicial Mediation)

From 2010 Alessandro Bruni is the President of "Mediators Beyond Borders International" (MBBI), Italy Professional Chapter (the first professional chapter outside the US), nominated by the well-known international Mediator mr. Kenneth Cloke, founder of MBBI.
Since 2008 Alessandro is Vice-President of the Arbitral Chamber of the Chamber of Commerce of the City of Viterbo, Italy.
Moreover, he is a member of the Directive Counsel and an International mediator for SIMED (Italian Society for Mediation), Rome, Italy; founding member and member of the Scientific Committee of CIMJ (International Conference on Judicial Mediation), Paris, France; founding member and former member of the Executive Committee of GEMME (European Group of Magistrates for Mediation), Italian Chapter; founding member of the ADR Commission of the Rome BAR; coordinator of the ADR-Committee of Avocats Sans Frontierés - Italian Chapter; member of: ASA Below-40; LCIA-YIAG; CIArb (MCIArb); ARBAut-YAAP; ECDR, Rotary International, District 2080; AIA Network; ICDR-Y&I; ICCA-YOUNG; Mediation Forum Ireland, TAS-CAS; VIAC; KLRCA, IIAM.
He is author of 12 books, 3 codes and many articles on mediation, conciliation, negotiation and ADR techniques, translated in English, French, Spanish, Romanian, Bulgarian, German.
He is author of books on EU Law and International Private Law.
He is author in mediation and ADR for: Law Business Research, London, UK; L'Harmattan, Paris, France; Maklu, Belgium; Editura Universitara, Romania; Il Sole 24Ore, Milan, Italy; Plus-Pisa University Press, Pisa, Italy; Maggioli Editore, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Italy.

Alessandro is an active member of Rotary International:
Mediation Chair, Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP)
Member, MBB-Rotary International Working Group
Member, Rotary District 2080 - Commission “International Action” (2014-2015)
Board Member, Viterbo Rotary Club (2014-2015-2016)
Main mediation practice areas
Alessandro Bruni is a long-term expert mediator (both in national and in international mediations and arbitrations) with 18-years of expertise (since1996) in civil, commercial, corporate, banking, financial, sports, family and social mediation.
He is, however, comfortable mediating in any areas, specialised or not, cross-borders or domestic.
Mediations conducted include cases of:
• Contracts
• Banking and finance/commodities
• Employment
• Transport
• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Distribution/Franchising
• Agency agreements
• Partnership
• Property
• Sport
• Arts/Entertainment/Media
• Condominium
• Professional Negligence including law practices
• Inheritance
• General Commercial
• IT/Telecoms
• Family and Inheritance
Mediation experience
Alessandro has mediated since 1996 more than 5.000 civil, commercial and family cases, including complex and multi-party.
He has conducted many mediations both for private ADR Providers and for Chambers of Commerce and Public Bodies.
He is also expert in social and enviromental mediations and in EU Financed Project.

He brought CONCILIA to win, as member of a Consortium, the EU Financed Project "Support the ADR in the Serbian Judiciary", financed by the European Agency for the Reconstruction and the EU Commission.
He has been nominated several times Key Expert and Key International Expert in EU Financed Projects related to mediation and ADR,communication, human rights, in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary,Turkey, Greece.

He has conducted ad hoc mediations and on-line mediations expecially referred to consumer disputes.
He is also expert in family, social and enviromental mediations.
He is also expert in Mediation Advocacy Techniques (MA), and one of the first MA Professional in Italy.
He teaches mediation and mediation advocacy for over 15 years, and he has trained thousands of professionals.
Description of mediation style
Alessandro Bruni conducts mediation in evaluative, facilitative and transformative method.
Sometimes his style is also transformative.
Alessandro Bruni uses to bring the parties to see what is possible to reach after a mutual solution is found with mediation agreement, working with their emotions and feelings in order to make them mutually satisfied, putting the parties themselves at ease and helping them overcome the fear of a waste of time.
Especially for corporate, banking, financial mediations he can act as an evaluative mediators when the parties mutually agreed.
Code of professional conduct
IMI Code of Professional Conduct
CONCILIA Code of Professional Conduct
FIMC Code of Ethics for Mediators
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Code of Professional Conduct
Union Internationale des Avocats' World Forum of Mediation Centres Code of Ethics
Florence International Mediation Chamber Code of Ethics for Mediators
Rules of Behaviour for Mediators of the Italian Chambers of Commerce
Complaint process
IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
CONCILIA Professional Conduct Assessment Process
The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Professional Conduct Assessment Process
IIAM Mediators' Code of Professional Conduct and IIAM Mediators' Conduct
Assessment Process
Professional indemnity insurance
As founder and board member and accredited professional mediator of CONCILIA, Alessandro - with CONCILIA - is covered by a professional liability indemnity Insurance that covers his activity as professional mediator.
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr De Berti Giovanni ( g.deberti@dejalex.com )
Latest Update: 2009-10-06 09:48:35

Mediator: Alessandro Bruni
Reviewer: Giovanni De Berti
IMI Certified Mediator
Milan, Italy

Last Update: September 30, 2009

This Feedback Digest is based on 8 feedbacks from participants in 8 mediations since October 2008. The disputes related mainly to commercial contracts, namely for supply of goods and equipment, as well as to claims for damages, employment conflicts, inheritance problems. They were all successfully resolved.
Alessandro Bruni’s performance has practically always been highly rated with regard to his skill and ability as mediator. All parties reporting on him would recommend him as mediator to others and would use him as mediator should the need arise again.
In most cases Alessandro Bruni was chosen as mediator upon suggestion either by another colleague or law firm or by one of the parties, but he was also appointed by institutions. Two of these certified about the fact that he has been active for many years as mediator, being one of their most requested problem solvers.
Many of the parties, for half of whom this was not the first occasion to experience mediation, considered that his competence, authority and feeling of the personal positions of the parties made the difference in the outcome of the negotiations.
Even if the mediation was not always able to solve all the problems on the table, the parties were well satisfied with regard to the costs of the mediation, some of them noting that they were very reasonable compared to court proceedings, even more so if compared to arbitration.
A high degree of satisfaction was registered by all parties with the mediation process and the results obtained, namely with regard to maintaining good relationships with the opposite side.
No negative comments have been reported.

Professional affiliations
As professional mediator and arbitrator Alessandro Bruni is accredited with:
Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS-CAS), Lausanne, Switzerland (he is the world's youngest accredited mediator)
Commission Fédérale de Médiation du Belgique, Belgium
Vienna International Arbitral Centre - VIAC (as arbitrator), Austria
Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration KLRCA, Malaysia
Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation - IIAM, India
WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center's List of Arbitrators
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Member (MCIArb)
Chamber of Mediation and Arbitration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Switzerland
Mediation Forum Ireland
Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC)
CONCILIA (Italian leading ADR provider) - Founding Member and Board Member
CIMJ (Conference Internationale de la Mèdiation pour la Justice) - Founding Member and Member of the Scientific Committee
SIMED (Italian Society for mediations), Rome, international mediator
Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation of the Italian Agency for Agricultural Supply (AGEA)
Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation of the "Dottori Commercialisti" of Milan
Chamber of Arbitration of Grosseto
Chamber of Arbitration of Lucca
Curia Mercatorum (Treviso)
Chambers of Mediation of the Chambers of Commerce of Sondrio, Frosinone, Caserta, Venezia, Ferrara, Viterbo, Rieti, Latina, Prato.
Chamber of Mediation of the Italian Commission on Stock Exchange (CONSOB)
Alessandro Bruni is Member of: LCIA-YIAG; ASA Below-40; ICDR Young & International; ArbAUT- YAAP; CIArb (Member); Young-ICCA.
Member of the Directive Counsel of SIMED (Italian Society for Mediations), Rome.
Founding Member and former Member of the Executive Committee of GEMME (European Group of Magistrates for Mediation) - Italian Chapter.
Member of ASF (Lawyers without Borders) - Italian Chapter, and Coordinator of the ADR Committee.
Member of the ADR Commission of the Rome BAR

From 2010 Alessandro Bruni is the President of "Mediators Beyond Borders International", Italy Professional Chapter.

Alessandro Bruni is Member of Rotary International, District 2080 and husband of a Member of Panathlon International.
In Rotary International he is:
Mediation Chair, Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP)
Member, MBB-Rotary International Working Group
Member, Rotary District 2080 - Commission “International Action” (2014-2015)
Board Member, Viterbo Rotary Club (2014-2015-2016).
Fee rate
It depends from the kind of mediation.
When he acts as mediator in an istitution (public or private) his fees are decided by the same ADR provider.

When he practise ad-hoc mediations he use basic daily fee (fees and expenses are anticipated by and split between the partie):
1) up to one day mediation meeting (eight hours maximum per day), including time for general preparations of meetings, research, etc., 2,000 € plus VAT and expenses for food, travel, accommodation;
2) additional hours, Euro 300/h; plus VAT and expenses for food, travel, accommodation;

Flat fees upon agreement of the parties.
Contact details for references/recommendations
Padre Jonas Shamuana Mabenga, Director of the International Academy of Sciences of Peace, Rome, Tel./Fax: +39 06 4420 2733 - email: shamuanamabenga@aspeace.org

Anna Maria Pedone, Director of the Arbitration & Mediation Service of the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, Tel. +39 0583 976 692 /664, Fax: +39 0583 976 629, email: annamaria.pedone@lu.camcom.it

Franco Rosati, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo, Tel.: +39 0761 234 424, Fax: +39 0761 345 755, email: franco.rosati@vt.camcom.it
Mediation education and training
Alessandro Bruni regularly updates his knowledges in the fields of ADR and mediation. Routinely attends ADR continuing education events such as courses, conferences, study forum and meeting. Moreover, he is constantly engaged in ADR readings both national and international.
Among the more recents it can be remembered:
-Refresher Course on “Neuro Linguistic Programmation and Problem Solving”, Rome.
-Advanced training course for corporate, banking and financial practitioner mediators, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice, Rome.
-Training Course on Mediation: theory and practice, Consumers’ Centre, Rome.
-Course on “Mediation Advocacy”, Chamber of Commerce, Grosseto.
- “1st Refresher Course for arbitrators”, Chamber of Commerce, Grosseto.
-The “Tuesdays of Mediation”, study meetings in ADR, Rome.
-Advanced Course on Neuro Linguistic Programmation, Theory and Practice”, Rome.
-Advanced Course in “ADR techniques, Chamber of Commerce, Perugia.
-Course in “ADR techniques”, L.U.M.S.A. University, Rome.
-Training Course in “ADR techniques, theory and practice”.
Various trainings and seminars at: the Program On Negotiation (PON at Harvard Law School, MA, USA); UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres; CIArb; ELSA; LUISS University; Rotary International; MBBI.

Among the others, he has been trained with: William Ury, Jacqueline Morineau, Kenneth Clocke, Thierry Garby, Robin Sharma, Robert Cialdini.
Mediation teaching and mentoring
As a full-time long-experienced professional mediator, Alessandro Bruni is very often engaged in ADR speaking and teaching both in Italy and abroad.
He is one of the first and very few Italian professional-mediation trainers accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice for teaching "corporate, banking and financial mediation".
He is the second of only four Italian mediators to be "IMI certified".
In 2013 he was called to organize and develop the first training for mediators in the field of workplace conflicts for the UN Agency World Food Program - WFP (15 WFP Senior Officials, coming from all over the world, trained).
Over the last 18 years he has trained over than 20.000 professionals in negotiation, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, problem solving & conflict management, NLP, strategic Management of the H.R., effective communication techniques, mediation advocacy.
Among other, it can be remembered:
• Academic years 2007-2015: teaching of “Mediation and Conciliation”” and “Strategic Management of the H.R.” at the International Academy of Sciences of Peace, Rome.
• 2007-2015: more than 200 training courses (44 and/or 50 hours each) for more than 7.000 professional mediators; training courses accredited by the Italian Ministry of Justice and (most of them) by the Italian BAR Council.
• 1997-2007: more than 100 training courses (minimum of 20-hours each) for more than 6.000 professionals (lawyers, notaries, economists, managers, accountants, etc...).
• Academic years 2004, 2005, 2006: Assistant Lecturer in “Mediation and Conciliation” at the University of Pisa, Italy.
• November 2006: Practical ADR Seminar for Judges, the Court of Appeal of Rome.
• October 2006: Teaching “Commercial Mediation” for the students of the Marketing Course, the University of Siena, Italy.
• 2006: Teaching of “Communication, conflict management and problem solving”, Training Course for “Technical for the strategies of the communication”, financed by the European Social Fund (European Union), Regione Lazio, Office of the Labour and the Social Politics, (76 hours of training for 25 trainees).
• March-June 2006: Teaching of "Management of conflicts and business comfort", Co-organizer and Teacher of the Course of Formation financed by the European Social Fund (European Union), Lazio Region and Office of the Labour and the Social Politics, for the managerial staff of the Ministry of the Health, Rome (51 hours of training for 30 trainees).
Mediation publications
PUBLICATIONS AND PAPERS (among the most recent):

•“Mediation in Italy", in "Mediation 2016 in 16 Jurisdictions Worldwide", Getting the Deal Through, Law Business Research Ltd, London, UK, 2015-2016
•"Legal instruments and procedures applicable in cross-border family mediation. A guide for magistrates and other legal practitioners", coauth., developed under the EU funded project JUST/2013/JCIV/AG/4628
•“Mediation in Italy", in "Mediation 2015 in 16 Jurisdictions Worldwide", Getting the Deal Through, Law Business Research Ltd, London, UK, 2014-2015
•“Mediation in Italy", in "Mediation 2013 in 16 Jurisdictions Worldwide", Getting the Deal Through, Law Business Research Ltd, London, UK, 2012-2013;
•“Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method", in "European Mediation Training for Practitioner of Justice. A Guide to European Mediation (with DVD)", Maklu, Belgium, 2012.
•“Civil and commercial mediations, 30 successful cases, Maggioli Press, June 2011.
•“To mediate is worthwhile. The advantages of extrajudicial mediation”, 2nd Edition, Maggioli Press, June 2011.
•“The new civil and commercial mediation", Uni-service Press, 2011.
•“Practical Code of Mediation in Italy and abroad", Maggioli Press, 2011.
•“Code of Mediation and Conciliation", Maggioli Press, 2010.
•“Code of Mediation Laws, in Italy and abroad”, Maggioli Press, July 2008.
•“To mediate is worthwhile. The advantages of extrajudicial mediation”, Maggioli Press, March 2007.
•“Management of conflicts with mediation” – published in Internet at: www.concilia.it.
•“Criminal Mediation”, June 2006, PLUS – Pisa University Press, co-author.
•“A.D.R. procedures”, in “http://www.concilia.it/concilia-adr/procedure.htm”.
•“Mediation and Conciliation. Application and Procedure of a New Profession”,
October 2004, PLUS - Pisa University Press, co-author.
•“Extrajudicial Mediation. A Different Approach to Commercial Disputes Resolution”,
article, QUADERNI DI MEDIAZIONE, mediation magazine, year I, number I – September-
November 2005, Punto di Fuga Press, Cagliari.
•“Mediation of Disputes: An Ancient Method With a Modern Heart”, article, MEDIARES
mediation magazine, n° 5/2005, January-June.
•“Delays and Advantages of the Mediation Procedure”, published in “Temi Romana”, juridical magazine, n° 1/2005.
•“The A.D.R. methods in the American experience”, article published in Internet at
•“Professional Extrajudicial Mediation” article published in Internet at
•“International Private Law”, Maggioli Press, May 2005.
•“European Community Law”, Maggioli Press, June 2005.


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