Young Mediators Initiative

September 2009

Birth of Young Mediators Initiative (YMI) in Ravensburg, Germany

YMI Core Group formed: Angela Herberholz, Mark Kraus, Stefan Bagdi, Pia Flake, Garrett Parks

September 2009

A series of ‘firsts’

* First Young Mediator registers to become a YMI member
* First YMI newsletter sent to YMI community
* Angela Herberholz nominated as YMI Champion


YMI grows

* Organisations invited to support YMI
* Launch of YMI web pages
* Creation of YMI logo
* In February, YMI supports the ICC Mediation & Negotiation Competition for the first time


Membership swells

* YMI invites IMI Certified Mediators to become Mentors
* February: YMI is presented at the ICC Mediation & Negotiation Competition
* March: YMI represented at Colombia University Internship Fair
* August: 110 young mediators have registered to join YMI, and 40 have completed their profiles
* September: YMI presented at 7th Mediation Academy; first YMI mentorships created


YMI officially part of IMI

* February: YMI again supports the ICC Mediation & Negotiation Competition
* May: YMI officially becomes a part of IMI, with a YMI section created on the IMI website
* November: YMI invites young mediation advocates to join; YMI presented at ‘Mediation in a Global Village’ conference in Germany


YMI gets social

* February: YMI supports the ICC Mediation & Negotiation Competition; YMI LinkedIn group created


More organisations come to support YMI

* February: supports ICC M&N Competition
* March: YMI members start contributing to the Kluwer Mediation Blog
* June: Supports CDRC VIAC Mediation Competition (Vienna, Austria)
* July: Supporting Organisations joined: New York Peace Institute, UNOY Peacemakers, Nederlandse Jong Mediator (NJM), Association for Young Mediators (AYM), Associazione d’Accord (AdA), Concilia, ADR Times, Mediator Academy


YMI supports events worldwide

* February: Supports ICCMW
* June: YMI Facebook group created; represented by Emma Ewart at Peacemakers Conference (Singapore); supports CDRC VIAC Mediation Competition (Vienna, Austria); IMI workshop during CDRC Vienna Competition focuses on YMI.
* October: Supports Mediation Awareness Week UK
* November: Daphné d’Hennezel joins the YMI team


YMI is international

* January: YMI welcomes YMI Ambassadors, Gracious Timothy and Virginia Vilches Such
* February: Supports ICCMW; supports Lex Infinitum Negotiation Competition; 50 professionals participated in the YMI Gathering (Paris)
* March: YMI blog post is one of the most popular posts for the month on Kluwer Mediation Blog
* April: YMI blog post repeats the phenomenon
* May:
– 123 young mediators have joined YMI
– YMI is now supported by a total of 28 supporting organisations, including Mediation International, Beyond Conflict, Association for International Arbitration (AIA), CDRC Vienna, CDRC Young Global Ambassador Programme (YGAP), First ADR Kit, Institut Francais de Certification des Médiateurs (IFCM), IIAM Conflict Management Club, Instituto de Certificacão e Formacão de Mediadores Lusófonos, L’Académie de la Médiation, London ADR, Mediatin Studio, Nederlandse Jonge Mediator (NJM), NRM Network, Otago Peer Mediation Centre, Professional Mediators’ Association, Schonewille and Schonewille – Legal Mediation, Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA)
– YMI members are from 33 countries: Andorra, Egypt, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Jordan, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, UK, Argentina, Venezuela, Canada, US, Colombia