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Current position and background
Over the past 32 years, Carl has trained several thousand family mediators. Currently Director of Mediation Matters, Kensington, Maryland, Carl is a Registered Clinical Psychologist (Illinois), Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (Maryland), Certified Mediator with the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution and with the Supreme Court of Virginia, an Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) and an Advanced Mediator Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM). Carl is the former Director of the Divorce Mediation Service, a group practice of 16 mediators in the Chicago area. He has been on the Board of Directors of the National Academy of Family Mediators and has served on the editorial board of Mediation Quarterly. He holds his Ph.D. from Harvard University.
Main mediation practice areas
Carl’s primary area of practice is family and divorce mediation. This includes married and unmarried couples separating, child custody, post-decree issues, alimony and child support, and property settlement. Carl also mediates employment and business conflicts, including EEOC, civil rights, small businesses and partnership dissolutions issues.
Mediation experience
One of the early mediators in the field, Carl has trained several thousand mediators. He has been Director of mediation service organizations for thirty-five years and Director of mediation training organizations for thirty years. From 1981-1989, he was Director of the Divorce Mediation Service within the Lutheran General Health Care System in Park Ridge, Illinois, which was the major private-sector mediation group practice in the Chicago area with sixteen mediators on staff.

A mediator since 1981, Dr. Schneider works in a wide variety of settings. He has been an Approved Mediator with the Frederick County Civil and Family Mediation Programs, the Howard County and Prince George's County Custody Mediation Programs and the Montgomery County Juvenile Dependency Mediation Program. He was an Associate with Business Mediation Associates (1996-1997), a member of the Civil Rights Mediation Program of the Attorney General's Office in the State of Vermont (1995-6), and a mediator with the Baltimore District Office of EEOC (1997-02). He served as a mediator with the United States Post Office's REDRESS mediation program, and is a mediator with the Department of Justice's Americans with Disabilities Act Mediation Program (1995-), and Montgomery County’s Office of Human Rights. He has done CINA (Child In Need of assistance) and TPR (Termination of Parental Rights mediations for the past decade.
Description of mediation style
My style was best expressed by Lon Fuller, the Harvard Law School professor, way back in 1971:
"The central quality of mediation.../is/ its capacity to reorient the parties toward each other, not my imposing rules on them, but by helping them to achieve a new and shared perception of their relationship...."
This is best achieved through story, and so I draw heavily on narrative mediation, and see mediation as a conversation in which my role is to enable, support, and lend hope to what is a difficult conversation for the parties.

I co-mediate, working with a female partner as a team.
Code of professional conduct
The Maryland Standards of Conduct for Mediators, Arbitrators and Other AADR Practitioners.
Complaint process
Maryland Program for Mediation Excellence Mediation Ombuds Program.
Professional indemnity insurance
Complete Equity Markets, Inc. $1,000,0090 Professional Liability and Personal Injury Coverage. $1,000,000 Defense Cost Coverage. $2,000,000 Aggregate Limit of Liability.
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Ms. Buck Ramona ( )
Latest Update: 2016-01-31 19:58:56

This Feedback Digest is based on 25 feedback in 13 mediations, initially submitted on Sunday 24th January 2016.

Mr. Schneider’s participant evaluations which were reviewed for this feedback were from parties undergoing a divorce or having other family-related issues. The evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. In responding to the question of whether they would use him again, mediation participants responded uniformly with 4’s and 5’s on a 5 point scale, with 5 being high. Almost every one of the participants who responded would recommend him to others and several had already done so when they completed the feedback form. One said, “Hope there is no need to mediate anything else, but if there were, I would definitely go back to Carl.”

They rated his mediator skills and abilities very highly, indicating only 4’s and 5’s on a 5 point scale. Their overall satisfaction rate with regard to him and his mediation process was 4.7 on a 5 point scale.

Participants commented on his skills. They said he was very knowledgeable, listened well, found ways to restore calm, enabled the parties to hear and understand each other better, was good at handling emotionally charged situations, helped them see the whole picture, kept the parties organized and on track, and helped them focus on solutions. More than one alluded to the fact that the process gave them some additional ways to work together in the future, outside of mediation.

One participant wrote, “Thank you so much for your hard work, for making sure that we were aware of important issues that otherwise might have eluded us, and for providing support during some very trying times.” Another wrote, “The total process was very helpful to me, and I have taken information from it to assist me in the future.” A third said, “We were at a complete communication impasse prior to mediation. Carl helped me realize a path to a solution.” And another said, “I was very skeptical going into the mediation . . .but we got through it and I am very satisfied with the process and the results.”

In terms of the cost of mediation, the overall rating was 3.72 on a 5 point scale. As more than one person said, mediation does cost something, but it is worth the money and it is a lower cost than one would be likely to pay in litigation.

The only criticism on the evaluations came from someone who felt that the mediation took more time than expected and wished it could have moved faster. In that case though, the person indicated that agreement was achieved, and rated the mediator’s ability as high.

Professional affiliations
Certified Mediator with the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution,
Certified Mediator, Supreme Court of Virginia, #1066
J & DR District Court Mediator
Circuit Court - Family Mediator
Advanced Practitioner Member of the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR), #71922
Advanced Mediator Member of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM).
Member, Association of Family & Conciliation Courts, #1153
Registered Clinical Psychologist, State of Illinois, #072-002457
Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, State of Maryland, #LCM016.
Fee rate
Introductory session: $265/hr.
On-going sessions, with a female partner, $330/hr.
Mediation teaching and mentoring
1995 Director & Lead Trainer, Mediation Matters, a national training, consultation and service organization

1994-1995 Mediation Director, Woodbury Institute of Woodbury College, a national training program in family mediation, and Director, Mediation Program, Woodbury College, Montpelier, Vt.

1987-1994 Co-Director, Divorce Mediation Institute, a national training program in family mediation.

1979-1989 Senior Staff Pastoral Psychotherapist
Parkside Pastoral Counseling Center
A Member of Lutheran General Health Care System, Park Ridge, Illinois

1984-1987 Director, Divorce Mediation Institute,
a joint educational and training venture of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and the Lutheran General Health Care System

1984-1987 Adjunct Faculty, Illinois School of
Professional Psychology

1981-1989 Director, Divorce Mediation Service,
Parkside Pastoral Counseling Center
Parkside Human Services Corp.,
A Member of the Lutheran General Health Care Systems, Park Ridge, Illinois.

1980-1981 Research Fellow, Parkside Pastoral
Counseling Center

1980 Adjunct Professor, Chicago Theological

1978-1979 Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Department of Religious Studies, Indiana University

1973-1979 Assistant Professor of Religion and Personality, Meadville/Lombard Theological School

1976 Lecturer, Religion and Psychological Studies, The University of Chicago Divinity School

1976 Lecturer, Jane Addams School of Social Work, University of Illinois and Forest Hospital

1976 Academic Advisor, University Without Walls at Chicago State University

1975-1976 Lecturer, Institute of Adulthood and Department of Psychology, Northeastern Illinois University

1974-1975 Lecturer, Counseling Psychology, Antioch, Graduate School of Education, Antioch, New England

1973 Lecturer, Psychology, Schiller College

1972-1973 Lecturer, Group Leader, Pastoral Counselor, Westminster Pastoral Foundation

1969-1971 Teaching Fellow, Tutor, and Staff, General Education, Government, and Social Relations, Harvard University
Mediation publications
Shame, Exposure and Privacy. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1992.
(Originally published Boston: Beacon Press, 1977; pb. 1978).

”What It Means to Be Sorry: The Power of Apology in Mediation” Mediation Quarterly, Vol. 17, Number 3 (Spring 2000), 265-280.

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Forum Newsletter, Journal of the Forum for Death Education & Counseling, Guest editor, July and August 1985 issues, 8:5 & 6. Issues devoted to professional intervention with divorcing families. Includes articles by Schneider on "`A Warmer Way': Divorce Mediation: An Innovative Professional Intervention to Facilitate Grief Work and Its Resolution in the Divorce Process," and "The Cumulative Losses of a Social Resolution: The Impact of Divorce on American Children, Families, and Society."


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