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Current position and background
Christian-Radu Chereji is one of the founding members of the Transylvanian Institute of Mediation from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He is an authorized mediator by the Romanian Council of Mediation since 2008. He is also senior lecturer with the Department of Communication and Public Relations, College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (since 2003), founding member and director of the Conflict Studies Center, Babes-Bolyai University (since 2005) and founder and coordinator of the international MA program in Conflict Management (since 2005). He has published a number of studies and articles on conflict studies subjects, published in reviews and journals indexed ISI and national databases. He was a Fulbright senior fellow in 2013-2014.

Christian-Radu Chereji was introduced to mediation gradually, through scholarships on ADR research and practice at universities in Belgium (1993,1996, 1996-1997), UK (1998) and USA (1999), and through practical work done for the Romanian Army Forces (training programs for military and civil personnel on peacekeeping missions) and the City of Cluj-Napoca Mayor's Office. He acted on behalf of the later as facilitator and mediator in more than 100 workshops involving multiple parties in order to design local public policies under the umbrella of the Strategic Development of the City of Cluj-Napoca (2004-2007).

Authorized as mediator according to the Law 192/2006, Christian-Radu Chereji conducted mediation cases mainly on organizational management disputes and acted as consultant for the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, the Cluj-Napoca Mayor's Office and the Romanian Mediation Council. Since 2008 he is also lead trainer and national assessor of mediators, and since 2009 member of the Mediation Council National Consultative Committee, which is helps the Council design rules and regulations concerning mediation and mediators in Romania.
Main mediation practice areas
Community Development and Public Policies Design - Christian-Radu Chereji has extensive experience in mediating cases related to design of local public policies, allocation of resources, development and environment, groups and community decision-making process etc. He has worked as consultant for the City of Cluj-Napoca Mayor's Office and conducted more than 110 facilitation and mediation cases during the 2004-2007 process of elaboration of the City of Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy. Christian-Radu Chereji (together with coleagues from Ultrasilvam Mediators Association) is the initiator and founding member of the Cluj County Community Mediation Center, the first community mediation center in Romania.

Organizational Management Disputes - lately, Christian-Radu Chereji has put to use his knowledge on decision-making process (he has been teaching and researching the field for 15 years at the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca) by conducting mediation on disputes inside public institutions and companies, between management and employees, employees themselves, between various departments and divisions and between management and stakeholders.

Business to Community - Christian-Radu Chereji is now concentrating on disputes in the rural areas of Romania, where mediation is required on cases that involves relation of business to various rural communities, environment protection, poverty and development, distribution of power in rural communities and its effect on public policies design.
Mediation experience
2004-2007, facilitator and mediator for the Cluj-Napoca Mayor's Office, within the program "The City of Cluj-Napoca' Strategy of Development", which included 117 multi-party workshops as diverse as public parks, social housing, parking places, hospitals, kinder-gardens and schools, youth and sports, public administration and public services, police and public order etc.

2008-present, authorized mediator under the Law 192/2006, by the Romanian Mediation Council, with 24 mediation cases in business (intra-organisational disputes) and 5 cases on car accidents liability disputes. He has also conducted 3 major cases on disputes involving public utilitities and public authorities.
Description of mediation style
Although I feel close to the facilitative style of mediation, I would not considered it as a label for my way of conducting the mediation process, because I always adapt my style and strategies to each particular case and to every set of clients. I also use more than one style during the same mediation case, according to the situation and based on the needs of the clients and of the process itself. My focus is always on the disputants' needs during the process on mediation, not on which style I would be more comfortable with.

I would generally describe my mediation style as analytical, client-needs oriented, pragmatic and focused on the core elements of disputes, with a constant effort to comfort the clients and to help them get across the process as less painfully as possible. My strategy is to explore the dispute on a multitude of facets together with the parties, to reframe the problem in many ways as to offer the parties as much information as possible for them to make the best decisions.
Code of professional conduct
Romanian Code Ethics and Professional Deontology for Mediators, Romanian Mediation Council

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Romanian Disciplinary Procedure for Mediators, Romanian Mediation Council

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Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr. Gavrila Constantin-Adi ( adi.gavrila@rdscv.ro )
Latest Update: 2011-11-10 07:04:21

MEDIATOR: Mr Christian-Radu Chereji

REVIEWER: Mr. Constantin-Adi Gavrila

Last Update: Thursday 10th November 2011

This Digest regards Dr. Christian-Radu Chereji (cchereji@gmail.com) and is prepared by Constantin-Adi Gavrilă (mediator@adigavrila.com).

The purpose of this Digest is to provide information on Dr. Christian-Radu Chereji’s engagement on development of the mediation profession, conflict management and mediation services in Romania as mediator, mediation trainer, consultant, professor and mentor since 1999.

The Feedback digest has been updated to include 10 Feedbacks received in connection with several multiparty, complex cases including legislation development, community, workplace, taxation and road traffic collision.

For mediations he performed, parties consequently approved his approach to difficult situations and would therefore recommend Dr. Chereji as a mediator. All parties stated they would be willing to use him again in a future mediation.

Dr. Chereji has constantly been rated at Performance Level 5 in virtually all categories (skills, costs, overall satisfaction) by parties for whom he has acted as mediator. Parties commented that Chereji’s mediation style is patient, thorough, professional and authentic. They felt that his high understanding of the mediation process had provided him with a realistic and down-to-earth approach to mediation. According to a party in a large community planning case, Dr.Chereji was very instrumental as mediator in helping the parties to address sensitive issues and that the mediation was critical in resolving those issues.

Dr. Chereji provides a quality mediation service since most of the parties reported that they resolved their issues as a result of the mediation and some of them have used him as a mediator in the past.

There are no negative comments reported in the feedbacks.

Professional affiliations
Ultrasilvam Mediators' Association, Romania

Mediators Beyond Borders, USA
Contact details for references/recommendations
dr. Calin Hintea, coordinator of the process of elaboration of the City of Cluj-Napoca Development Strategy (2004-2007), counselor of the prime-minister of Romania (2008-present)
tel. +40264431361, e-mail: hintea@polito.ubbcluj.ro or hintea@msu.edu
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Lead trainer and national assessor of mediators, mediation basic and advanced training courses accredited by the Romanian Mediation Council since 2008, with more than 1,000 persons trained as mediators in this period.

Coach and mentor of mediators with the Transylvanian Institute of Mediation.
Mediation publications
Single author, “Organizatii interguvernamentale contemporane. De la Societatea Natiunilor la Organizatia Natiunilor Unite” (Contemporary Inter-Governmental Organizations. From the League of Nation to the United Nations) in Historical Files, no. 2, 2000

Single author, “O.N.U. si managementul conflictelor internationale” (The United Nations and the Management of International Conflicts) in Historical Files, no. 2, 2000

Co-author, “Solutionarea conflictelor prin mediere - scurta analiza a situatiei din Romania” (Alternative Dispute Resolution - Brief Analysis of the Romanian Situation), in the Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, No. 3 (15), 2005

Co-author, “Solutionarea amiabila a disputelor prin interventia celei de a treia parti” (Alternative Dispute Resolution through Third Party Intervention), the Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, No. 4 (16), 2006

Co-author, "Cameroon. The Anglophone Problem”, in Conflict Studies Quarterly, Issue 1, Octombrie 2012

Co-author, "West Africa. A Comparative Study of Traditional Conflict Resolution Methods in Liberia and Ghana”, in Conflict Studies Quarterly, Issue 5, Octombrie 2013"

Co-author, "What Went Wrong with Mediation?", in Mediate.com


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