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David Richbell
Feedback Digest by David Richbell, 31. Juli 2018 Introduction Jane has a confident and sunny nature that inspires and motivates parties in her mediations and round-table facilitations. She has scored very highly when users were asked for their overall impression and when asked if they were likely to use her as mediator again the response was unanimously positive. There has never been any reportable negative feedback from any user. Approach Described as ‘a highly motivated individual’ Jane has been praised for her ability to comfortably work under pressure with tight deadlines, whilst exuding an eagerness to pursue her vision of a peaceful world coupled with a ‘constant insight’. She has been commended for being an extremely articulate professional who is very knowledgeable and helpful. A skill to nurture the parties has been recognized, along with her ability to add ‘humanity’ to the process to help ‘smooth the ruffles’. Style Jane has been described as having a natural affinity with users of mediation and is seen to, “clearly [be] at the top of her game in the world of ADR”. She is seen to have a very natural ability to test parties’ positions in a mediation and encourage settlement, doing all she can to get the parties to examine key issues between them. Key words used to describe Jane are diplomatic and visionary. Her great experience in facilitating and mediating medical negligence and personal injury disputes led one recent user to comment, ‘Her ability to deliver ‘pastoral care’ is unsurpassed [and] her knowledge and understanding of individual..styles is highly developed and adds greatly to her effectiveness. She shows patience and consideration whilst pulling few punches’ in sessions.’ Communication A particular strong point of Janes – and worthy of a mention within its own right - is the ability to communicate with individuals, regardless of the scale and dynamics of the group. Described as having a very personal and professional manner, Jane has been observed as having a ‘natural sensitivity and perception to the commercial and emotional needs of others. She is also very relaxed at handling and managing people. This makes it easy for her to overcome the barriers to communication at all levels and to facilitate problem-solving’. This approach that Jane has adopted is enhanced by her skills in interpersonal relationships, business development and law. Conclusion Jane has been commended for her hard work and persistence and it has been noted that results achieved would not have been possible without her hard work and input. Her facilitation skills have been described as consistently ‘impressive’. “Jane is a skilled mediator and has a special talent for dealing with highly emotive and complex cases. She has established a reputation as a robust mediator with a natural empathy and is especially effective because she seeks to involve all parties in the mediation process from the earliest moment possible”. The comment of one user summed up Jane’s mediation skills by saying, “[she] successfully assisted us in reaching resolution…using her unique ability to be fair and open to both parties involved.

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by David Richbell, 25. Oktober 2021

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