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Efpraxia (Evi) Avlogiari is a lawyer, an Accredited Mediator by CIArb London & by the Greek Ministry of Justice (Law 3898/2010) and an Accredited Trainer for Mediators (Training of Mediation Trainers Course, Professional Trainership, The Toolkit Company, The Netherlands & CEDR London).

Evi obtained her Law degree from the Law Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and her master degree “Modern Medical Act: Legislative Regulation and Bioethics Dimension” from Medical and Law Faculty Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and she is working on her PHD in medical school (bioethical and medical mediation). Evi also specialises in Business Administration and in Technical Negotiations (University of Macedonia), which focused on managing the interpersonal relations involved in difficult negotiations, as well as in medical and bioethical disputes –a new aspect of mediation worldwide.

She is the founder and President of ADR Hellenic Centre, a non-profit organization. Evi is a member of the Thessaloniki Bar Association and a practicing business lawyer since 1989, with extensive experience in commercial, civil, medical and sports matters. She encourages the solution of legal issues through Mediation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Several multinational and Greek corporations has entrusted her in representing them in various contract negotiations and Mediation with third parties. She has conducted several mediations abroad as far as medical and bioethical disputes. Now, with the contribution of some distinguished scientists, specialising in medical mediation, she is trying to develop a pilot-project for medical bioethical mediation in Greek hospitals.

Evi has been giving lectures and seminars in the field of mediation in cooperation with many Bar Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Greek Ministry of Justice, World Mediation Forum and she is the author of several scientific articles and studies on mediation & bioethical topics. She is also one of the key speakers at a significant number of Scientific Conferences, Seminars and Conferences in Greece and abroad, in the field of organ donation, transplant, as well as the legal dimension of Medicine and dental practice.
MA main mediation advocacy practice areas
Asset recovery: commercial, civil, family, sports, medical and bioethical conflicts.
MA Mediation advocacy experience
Evi has represented clients in between 20-30 mediations and has been appointed as mediator in more than 20 disputes. She is also a mediator trainer and has trained more than 300 lawyers.
MA Description of mediation advocacy style
Evi has been involved with many mediations and negotiations, both as mediator and as a representative for participants. Her style is a mix of listening, reality testing, creative solutions and ideas for her clients. She is flexible, asking tough questions, organised, with very good negotiation style and pragmatic. She has a realistic approach and integrity to her mediation work.
MA Code of professional conduct
I am subject to the Greek Lawyers Code of Conduct and I comply with the Code of Conduct for mediators set out by the EU and Greek law.
MA Complaint process
Any complaint about my conduct will be dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Greek Lawyers Code of Conduct and the EU Code of Conduct.
MA Professional indemnity insurance
MA Feedback digest
Reviewer: Dr. Fiutak Thomas ( )
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This Feedback Digest is based on 10 feedbacks from mediations, collected since April 2011, as well as my personal acquaintance with Mrs Avlogiari. Mrs Avlogari has been a Mediation Advocate since 2005. The main characteristics of Mrs Avlogiari’s character as described by all respondents are her integrity and the responsibility with which she handles professional matters. Her significant experience in legal practice (over 24 years) is one of the key reasons identified by the respondents that allow her to act as a Mediation Advocate very effectively. Some of Mrs Avlogiari’s areas of professional expertise are (a) commercial and labour, (b) construction and real estate, (c) family, and (d) medical and bio-ethical mediation. The respondents indicated that she has deep knowledge of negotiation strategies and excellent communication skills. The aforementioned combination allows her to be equally effective in protecting her client's interests and at the same time sustaining a fruitful mediation atmosphere with the mediator and the opposing party. Mrs Avlogiari has also shown great capability in organising and implementing a mediation strategy as well as counselling and preparing her client (e.g. a company representative) for the mediation process. Moreover, Mrs Avlogiari has proven to be very effective in sustaining smooth labour relations within companies that have given her the task of handling labour disputes (between company management and employees or between the employees themselves). There was no negative feedback whatsoever on Mrs Avlogiari’ s performance as a Mediation Advocate. Reviewer: Dr. Thomas Fiutak

MA Professional affiliations
Member of the Mediation Committee of Thessaloniki Bar Association
Member of the Greek Ministry of Justice Committee for the promotion of Mediation in Greece
Member of the Hellenic Union of Mediators
Founder and President of ADR Hellenic Center
Founder member of the Balkan Association for dispute resolution
Training Director in Alexandroupolis Institute of Mediators
Honored Councelor of Estonia in Thessaloniki.
MA References
Bar Association of Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis Institute of Mediators
MA Mediation advocacy education and training
Accredited through CIArb London (UK) Limited, 2009, and Resolvers (Thierry Garby) Limited, 2013. She has trained also more than 80 lawyers in advocacy mediation programmes in Thessaloniki (University of Macedonia and ADR Hellenic Center).


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