This page outlines the quality assurance measures IMI undertakes in order to ensure it is associated with integrity, quality, transparency, and independence. We welcome comments and suggestions via

[Page last updated 5 January 2021.]

The role of feedback in mediator assessment

The ‘Feedback Digest’ is an essential component of IMI Certification. It is essentially a summary of mediator/advocate performance, prepared by a Peer Reviewer. See also Feedback Guidelines for Reviewers.


If your complaint is about an IMI Certified Mediator or Mediation Advocate and pertains to a mediation, please see the Professional Conduct Assessment Process.

All other complaints may be directed to IMI using the form on the Contact page. They will be received by IMI Support in the first instance, with escalation proceeding to the Executive Director, then to an associated Committee or Taskforce as applicable, such that issues regarding organisations’ Qualifying Assessment Programs would be escalated to the Appraisal Committee that assesses such programs. IMI’s Board is the final point of escalation, after all other avenues have been exhausted, and decisions are final. Complainants will be kept informed as to the status of their complaint.

Whistleblowers are protected in the interest of transparency and independence.

Verification of IMI Mediator status

Persons who have completed quality training and may be known as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’ are listed at Verify Training.

IMI Certification and/or Specialisation may be verified using the ‘Find a Mediator‘ search engine, and/or using the mediator’s direct profile link. IMI Certifications and Specialisations are shown on the person’s profile as shown:

IMI Certified and/or Specialised profiles are associated with payment of a listing contribution and/or full or partial waiver. Historically, those who did not pay or request a waiver had their profiles ‘expired’, so that they could renew at any time, but were not included in search results. Following a consultation in Q3 2020, IMI Certified Mediators and Advocates decided that those who did not pay a listing contribution, and did not have a waiver associated with their profile, would be removed from the IMI website. As inclusion on the website is the way in which Certification is verified, removal from the website is effectively the removal of IMI Certification. Those who are not included on the IMI website are not entitled to call themselves ‘IMI Certified Mediators’ (etc), may not use IMI logos, or represent themselves as having IMI Certification. A grace period of one year following non-payment applies, following which Certification is stricken.

New IMI Mediators and Advocates are likewise not included in the IMI ‘Find a Mediator’ database, as they have not yet completed the Certification process. For this, their profile must be complete, and they must have a Feedback Digest. Once this is the case, they should pay their listing contribution and/or request a waiver as applicable, following which they will be included in the search function. Organisations with CMTPs/QAPs can view those that are approaching Certification on the ‘Organisation Dashboard’, so that they may assist their mediators in completing their profiles.

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