IMI have developed a mediation logbook and feedback hub that anybody can use. It allows you to:

  • Track your mediation experience for certification and registration purposes
  • Track your mediation learnings and reflections, enabling you to improve your practice over time
  • Track your ongoing professional development and takeaways (e.g. Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Legal Education) for registration and self-development purposes
  • Request feedback from parties
  • Receive automatic notification when parties leave feedback for you
  • View all feedback that parties have chosen to share with you
  • Enable your Reviewer to see all feedback about your performance, meaning they can easily write your Feedback Digest

The logbook is entirely online and easy to use. Scroll down to see what it looks like in action.

Add a logbook entry

To add a logbook entry, simply click ‘Add Logbook Entry’ from the home page or under the ‘Logbook’ tab. You will then see the following form.

‘Role’ includes things like being the lead mediator, a mediation advocate, assistant or observer. ‘Medium’ allows you to input whether the mediation took place online, face-to-face, or a hybrid mixture of both. We encourage you to record things you did well, and things you found challenging, to help you improve your practice over time.

View, sort, print and export logbook entries

On the main Logbook page, you will see a list of entries.

You can select the number of logbook entries you see on each page using the drop-down at the right-hand side. In the above picture, you can see that ’25 logbook entries per page’ are being shown.

Add filters to view only entries where, for example, you were the lead mediator. You can click on any column heading to sort the entries. Clicking on ‘Medium’ would show all the face-to-face entries together.

Click ‘Export’ to export the current view to CSV, which is a type of file you can open with software like Excel or Calc. If you scroll to the top of the page, you will also see a ‘Print’ button, which will create a PDF of everything shown on the page.

To view the full entry, or edit it, click the ‘view’ and ‘edit’ links respectively.

If you scroll down, you will also see your hours’ experience in different mediation roles.

At the bottom of the page, you will see your logged Continuing Professional Development, and can export, sort, and filter the information.