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Find a Qualifying Assessment Program

Certain top professional, provider and training organizations have developed programs to qualify mediators for IMI Certification and IMI Inter-Cultural Certification. Those programs meet the IMI Criteria and have been approved by the Independent Standards Commission.

IMI Guidelines for Appointing a Reviewer

Your Reviewer is responsible for preparing your Feedback Digest in accordance with the IMI Guidelines for Preparing Feedback Digests and also to assist you in defining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs and interests. 

IMI Feedback Digest Guidelines For Reviewers

Reviewers are expected to provide an honest and objective summary of feedback about their Mediator’s performance based on discussions with the Mediator and the information on Feedback Forms received from Users who have worked with the Mediator.

IMI Feedback Request Form

Every IMI Certified Professional Mediator has attained a high standard of professional competency in the practice of mediation. On completion of each mediation, the Mediator will invite the participants to complete this Feedback Request Form.

Tips on Getting Feedback

Top 10 Tips and Techniques from Mediators Around the World.

Feedback Request Model Emails

Below are two model emails used by members of the IMI Independent Standards Commission to ask parties for feedback. Feel free to adapt these to your needs.

Feedback Example

An example of actual feedback on an IMI Certified Mediator, submitted by a party in a mediation.

Step-By-Step Wizard for Mediators

A Step-By-Step guide to building your IMI Certified Mediator Profile.

Step-by-Step Wizard for Reviewers

A step-by-step guide to acting as an IMI Reviewer.

An Article on the Benefits of Collecting Feedback, by Mary Anne Harnick

Mary Anne Harnick M.A., LL.B., Executive Director, ADR Institute of Ontario/ADR Institute of Canada. 

10 Good Reasons to be IMI Certified

Only IMI Certified Mediators qualify to have their Profiles on the IMI Search Engine, a key tool for users not only to find the right mediators but also to verify their credentials, competency and suitability...



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How to become IMI Certified


IMI Certified Mediators form a worldwide community of experienced mediators whose Profiles are freely searchable by users through the IMI open search engine.

To become an IMI Certified Mediator, you must first be qualified for IMI Certification by a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) that has been approved by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC). These QAPs are listed on the IMI website, with their criteria, and you can approach them directly to see if you can be qualified for IMI Certification.

Click here to find a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP)

Click here to read the IMI Certification criteria

Once you are qualified for IMI Certification, the QAP will create a profile for you on the IMI Portal and invite you to log in and begin building your IMI profile. You can add your information to the profile, upload your photo and appoint a reviewer to prepare your 'Feedback Digest'. Once your profile is complete and the Feedback Digest has been uploaded, you can submit your application. Once approved, your profile will be publicly visible in the IMI open search engine. 

The Feedback Digest is a key part of the IMI profile. This is one of the unique features about IMI Certification, and it is something that greatly interests prospective Users.  Once qualified for IMI Certification, you will need to appoint a Reviewer to prepare your Feedback Digest.  The IMI Guidelines for Appointing a Reviewer will help you with the Feedback Digest section of your Profile.

Click here to read the Guidelines for Appointing a Reviewer

Click here to read the Feedback Digest Guidelines for Reviewers

The IMI Feedback Request Form will help you to generate feedback for your Feedback Digest.  It can be sent to parties in electronic or paper form.

Click here to download the Feedback Request Form

Click here to read the Tips for Getting Feedback

Click here to see Model E-mails for collecting Feedback

Click here to read an article on the benefits of collecting Feedback
- by Mary Anne Harnick, Executive Director of ADR Institute of Canada

For further details of what the IMI Certification process involves, click here

IMI does not earn income from the provision of any services and is exclusively reliant on grants and contributions. Accordingly, all IMI Certified Mediators are required to contribute a nominal amount annually to the cost of maintaining and developing the search engine for the year beginning from the date of your IMI Certification.  The amount that was agreed during the international consultation with mediators in 2008 is US$175/€125/£110, or equivalent in other currency, and those becoming IMI Certified are invited to contribute from the Contribution section of their Profile, or by cheque, credit card or bank transfer (click here for details).

IMI also offers IMI Certification for Mediation Advocates/Advisors, who are representing parties in mediation. For further information, click here

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