IMI Advisory Council Role Statement

IMI is a charitable foundation with a public benefit mission. The primary role of the Advisory Council is to enhance IMI's integrity, objectivity and effectiveness.

The Advisory Council is one of the statutory governing bodies of IMI formed under the Foundation's Articles of Association. The Advisory Council comprises a number of internationally-recognizable figures in the fields of mediation and negotiation who are independent of the members of the Board of Directors.

The Advisory Council has access to all deliberations of the Board of Directors through a private section of the IMI web portal. This includes all relevant materials which the IMI Board generates, or has access to, including prospectuses and plans, minutes of Board meetings, the Executive Director's monthly reports to the Board and periodic financial summaries, including audit reports.

The Advisory Council will meet as often as it deems necessary. Meetings may be held in person or by telephone, and either with or without the attendance of members of the Board of Directors.

The Advisory Council has review, advisory and enabling functions:

Strategic Review

The Advisory Council reviews IMI's activities and plans and offers comments on:

  • Proposed changes to the Articles of Association or structure of IMI
  • Specific activities and initiatives
  •  Plans and Reports

The Advisory Council may express its comments directly to the IMI Board and on the IMI web portal and elsewhere as it deems appropriate.


The Advisory Council is a forum for enabling the Board to seek independent and informed advice and guidance on key issues and priorities relating to IMI's philosophy, policy, overall strategic direction, individual initiatives, practices and development.


The Advisory Council may assist IMI in other ways consistent with its role.




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