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The Mission of IMI - article

"Professional Mediation Worldwide". These three words summarize the Vision of the International Mediation Institute - IMI. Implementing such a Vision requires a focused Mission: to (a) set and achieve high mediation standards; (b) convene stakeholders and parties; (c) promote understanding and adoption of mediation among users and their advisers, and (d) disseminate skills for parties, counsel and mediators. Let's dig deeper.

The Medici Effect of Mediation

Intersections can unlock mediation's future.
By Michael Leathes.

F=T(Q+I) F=The Future; T=Trust; Q=Quality; I=Information

The Future of mediation hangs on several factors.
By Michael Leathes and Deborah Masucci (2015).

Enabling Early Settlement in Investor-State Arbitration

By Wolf von Kumberg,  Jeremy Lack and Michael Leathes.
This article was first published in the Winter 2014 (Volume 29, Issue 1, 133-141) of the ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal which also includes several other articles on mediation in Investor-State Dispute Settlement.  ICSID Review articles are peer-reviewed and published twice annually by Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press, on behalf of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, a member of the World Bank Group.
The article was also published in Transnational Dispute Management (TDM - 1 2014) (

Engineering Peace - Achieving the Promise of Mediation in the World's Most Difficult Conflicts

By Nadja Alexander, Michael Leathes, Tina Monberg and Irena Vanenkova.

Mediation Quality and Information

Implementing the Neglected Articles of the EU Mediation Directive.

What's in it for Me? Mediator Certification and the Laws of Supply and Demand

A review of the benefits of competency certification for mediators and for users. 
NYSBA New York Dispute Resolution Lawyer, Spring 2012, Vol. 5, No. 1.
By Irena Vanenkova.

Lawyers as a Catalyst for Change in Early Issue Business Conflict Management

An article published by the Association of Corporate Counsel can be more effective problem solvers by using mediation techniques and processes.
By Ute A. Joas Quinn. 

The Medici Effect of Mediation

Keynote speech at the 4th ICC International Mediation Conference (2013) and accompanying article and slides illustrating how mediation sits at the intersection of conflict and consensus, litigation and negotiation, problems and solutions, art and science, and public policy and private process.
By Michael Leathes.

Certifying International Competency Standards for Mediators

Why it is vital to professionalise the practice of mediation and why mediators and service providers need to self-regulate collectively in order to grow.

Can Mediation Evolve into a Global Profession?

Article by a leading international user, on the challenges and opportunities involved in breaking mediation out of its niche position.
By Michael McIlwrath.

Conflict Leadership

Article based on a presentation to and discussion with 24 General Counsel and Legal Directors of international companies.
By Michael Leathes.

2020 Vision - Where in the World will Mediation be within 10 years?

A discussion of how mediators and provider organisations can, by acting together, make a better future for dispute resolution for the benefit of themselves and for users.

Making Mediation Mainstream - a User Perspective

An opinion piece co-authored by seven business users of ADR services on how their needs can be better addressed, at the same time benefiting mediators and providers.

The Future of ADR in 2020

Article based on the keynote speech at the inaugural 5Cs ADR conference in Singapore in 2012, reviewing the Good, Bad and Ugly aspects of ADR.
By Michael Leathes.

Empowering the Growth of International ADR - The supply side and the demand side can do it together

An exploration of the need for greater transparency in ADR to stimulate growth.

Stop Shovelling Smoke - Give Users a Classic Definition of Mediation

A proposal for a simple, seven-word definition of mediation that can inspire greater understanding of mediation by users.

Mediator Competency is like Truth, Beauty and Contact Lenses.

Why the four ways hitherto envisaged for assuring mediator quality really do not work, but fortunately there is a fifth way that does.

Dispute Resolution Mules - Preventing the Process from Being Part of the Problem

A review of hybrid dispute resolution processes to encourage a break away from a tendency to use a one-size-fits-all process.

A Perfect Storm is Gathering

12 in-house counsel make a plea for more creativity in dispute resolution and why the time is right.



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