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Mediation on Broadway-The Dramatic Lessons of OSLO
Richard Lutringer (2017)

Transforming Business Through Proactive Dispute Management
By Deborah Masucci (2017)

Interview with Haya Al Khalifa
By M.Salman Ravala (2017)

Corporate Mediation Journal
Martin Brink (Ed.,), (2017)

The International Task Force on Mixed Mode Dispute Resolution: Exploring the Interplay between Mediation, Evaluation and Arbitration in Commercial Cases
Thomas Stipanowich, Veronique Fraser (2017)

Commercial Mediation: A User's Guide
John Brand, Felicity Steadman, Christopher Todd (2016)

Contemporary Issues in Mediation
Singapore international Mediation Institute (SIMI) (2016)

Essays on Mediation
Ian Macduff (2016)

So, You Want to Mediate? A User's Guide
Gregg Bertram (2016)

Mediation Advocacy : Representing Clients in Mediation
Stephen Walker (2015)

The Australian Experience of Legislated Pre-Action ADR Requirements: Specificities, Acceptation, and Keys to Success
Greg Rooney (2016)

The International Evolution of Mediation: A Call for Dialogue and Deliberation
Tom Stipanowich (2016)

Why and How Businesses Use Planned Early Dispute Resolution
John Lande and Peter W. Benner (2016)

Need a mediator? Don’t Just Phone-a-Friend! Recommendations alone are not the best way to select a mediator
Michael Leathes (2015)

Dictionnaire de la Résolution amiable des différends (en matière civile, commerciale familiale et sociale).
An ADR Dictionary in Civil, Commercial, Family and Social (Labor Disputes) matters (in French)
(2015 Edition)
Editor: Jean Mirimanoff
Martine Becker, Cinthia Lévy, Jean Mirimanoff, Frederica Oudin, Anne-Sophie Schumacher, Coralie Smets-Gary

Professionalizing Arbitration: A Response to the New York Times Articles on Privatizing Justice
By Michael McIwrath (published on Kluwer Arbitration Blog, 2015)

Asia Mediation Handbook
Edited by Raymond HM Leung (2015)

How to Master Commercial Mediation
David Richbell (2014)
Available on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK)

Making Mediation a Profession
Kim Lovegrove (2013)

The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict
Christopher W. Moore (2003)

Beyond Neutrality
Bernard S. Mayer (2004)

Ripples from Peace Lake
Eric Galton (2004)

The Jackson ADR Handbook
Susan Blake, Julie Brown, Stuart Sime (2013)

A Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution (2nd Edition)
Susan Blake, Julie Brown, Stuart Sime (2013)

Early Neutral Evaluation 
Wayne D. Brazil (2013)

Psychology for Lawyers: Under the Human Factors in Negotiation, Litigation and Decision Making
Jennifer K Robbennolt (2013)

Mediation Law and Civil Practice
Tony Allen (2013)

Commercial Mediation: Enhancing Economic Growth and the Courts in Africa
Kehinde Aina (2012)

Dispute Resolution
Kehinde Aina (2012)

Does Commercial Mediation Have a Positive Impact on Businesses?: Analysis of Knowledge and Experience from Both Practitioners and Users
Viktoria Peto (2013) (MA Dissertation)

The Choreography of Resolution: Conflict, Movement and Neuroscience
Michelle LeBaron, Carrie MacLeod and Andrew Floyer Acland (2013)

A Perfect Storm is Gathering

Can Mediation Become Mainstream by 2020?
Michael Leathes (2011)

Making Mediation Mainstream
A User/Customer Perspective

Expanding the Mediation Pie
Michael Leathes (2009)

Can Mediation Evolve into a Global Profession?
Michael McIlwrath (2009)

The Medici Effect
Michael Leathes (2013)

The Future of ADR in 2020
Michael Leathes (2013)

Lawyers as a Catalyst for Change in Early Issue Business Conflict Management
Ute A. Joas Quinn (2012)

Stop Shovelling Smoke: Give Users a Classic Definition of Mediation
Michael Leathes (2011)

Mediator Competency is like Truth, Beauty and Contact Lenses
Michael Leathes (2012)

2020 Vision - Where in the World will Mediation be within 10 years?
Michael Leathes (2010)

Conflict Leadership
Michael Leathes (2009)

Certifying International Competency Standards for Mediators
Michael Leathes (2008)

General Information on Stipulating the Use of Mediation
John Brand

Mediation is Worthwhile
Alessandro Bruni (2011)

Civil and Commercial Mediations. 30 Success Stories
Alessandro Bruni and Michela Sitzia (2011)

EU Mediation Law and Practice
Edited by Giuseppe De Palo & Mary B. Trevor (2012)

Stories Mediators Tell
Eric Galton and Lela Love (eds.) (2012) 

Mediation in a Nutshell (2nd Ed)
Kimberlee V Kovach (2010)

Success as a Mediator (for Dummies)
Victoria Pynchon, Joe Kraynak (Publication date: April 2012) 

Mediation Ethics: Cases and Commentary
Ellen Waldman (2011)  

Relationships Made Easy - How to get on with the people you need to get on with, and stay friends with everyone else
Dr David Fraser (2010)

Thinking Differently - Making a Difference Using Mediation
A collection of Contributions, edited by David Lee
Published by Core Solutions Group (2011)

The Future of ADR Practice: Three Hopes, Three Fears, and Three Predictions,
David Hoffman (2006)

Amicable Dispute Resolution: Negotiation, Mediation, Conciliation: Selected, Classified and Alphabetical Bibliography
Ed. by Jean A. Mirimanoff and Marco Pons (2010)
What Would You Change About Mediation?
Sarah J. Read (2010) 

Leaders Need to Focus on the Big Picture and Stop Bickering
John Sturrock (2010) 

The Role of Mediation in a Modern Civil Justice System
John Sturrock (2010) 

AAA Handbook on Mediation: 2nd Edition
American Arbitration Association (2010) 

New Rules on Civil Mediation in Italy (powerpoint presentation)
Giorgio Grasso (2010) 

10 Ways to Save Time and Costs
Ian Hargreaves (2010)

An Asian Perspective on Mediation
Joel Lee, Teh Hwee Hwee

The Business Owner's Dilemma: Arbitration Or Mediation
Jeff Murphy (2010) 

New Protocol For Resolving Devolution Conflicts Slips In Under Radar
John Sturrock (2010)

The New Lawyer: How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of Law
Julie Macfarlane (2008)

Multi-Dimensional Mediation
Paul E. Mason (2010)

The Corporate Counsel's Guide to Mediation
Gary P. Poon (2010)

Making Mediation Your Day Job: How to Market Your ADR Business Using Mediation Principles You Already Know

Tammy Lenski

The Collaborative Public Manager: New ideas for the twenty-first century
Rosemary O’Leary, Lisa Blomgren Bingham (2009)

The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Resolution
Jacob Bercovitch, Victor Kremenyuk, William Zartman (2008)

Expert Determination
John Kendall, Clive Freedman, James Farrell (2008)

Challenging Conflict: Mediation through understanding
Gary Friedman, Jack Himmelstein (2008)

Introduction to Statistical Mediation Analysis
David MacKinnon (2008)

The Power of a Positive No: How to say No and still get to Yes
William Ury (2007)

Mediation Law and practice
David Spencer, Michael Brogan (2007)

ADR & The Law (22nd Ed)
American Arbitration Association (2008)

Everyone Can Win: Responding to Conflict Constructively
Helena Cornelius, Shoshana Faire (2007)

The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization
Peter Senge (2006)

The Crossroads of Conflict: A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution
Kenneth Cloke (2006)

The Mediator’s Handbook
John W. Cooley (2006)

Breaking Robert’s Rules: The New Way to Run Your Meeting, Build Consensus & Get Results
Lawrence Susskind, Jeffrey Cruikshank (2006)

Improving Board Effectiveness: Bringing the best of ADR into the Boardroom – A practical guide for directors
Jon Masters, Alan Rudnick (2005)

Dispute Processes: ADR and the primary forms of decision-making
Simon Roberts, Michael Palmer (2005)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: A practical guide for resolving Government contract controversies
ABA (2005)

Resolving Disputes: Theory, practice and law
Dwight Golann, Lisa A. Kloppenburg, Thomas Stipanowich, Jay Folberg (2005)

Corporate Governance: A practical guide for dispute resolution professionals
Richard Reuben (2005)

Beyond Reason: Using Emotions As You Negotiate
Roger Fisher, Daniel Shapiro (2005)

The Handbook of Dispute Resolution
Michael Moffitt, Robert Bordone (2005)

Dispute Processes: ADR and the Primary Forms of Decision-Making
Simon Roberts, Michael Palmer (2005)

Tools for Conflict Resolution: A practical K-12 program based on the 5th Discipline
Eileen O’Keefe (2004)

Dispute Resolution: Beyond the Adversarial Model
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela Love, Andrea Schneider, Jean Sternlight (2004)

Beyond Neutrality: Confronting Crisis in Conflict Resolution
Bernard Mayer (2004)

Mediation: Principles and Practice
Kimberlee Kovach (2004)

Beyond Winning: Negotiating to Create Value in Deals and Disputes
Robert Mnookin, Scott Peppet, Andrew Tulumello (2004)

The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict
Christopher W. Moore (2003)

Bringing Peace into the Room: How the personal qualities of the Mediator impact the process of conflict resolution
Daniel Bowling, David Hoffman (2003)

Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life
Marshall Rosenberg (2003)

An Ounce of Prevention: Best practices in dispute avoidance for Government contracting
ABA (2002)

Mediating Dangerously
Kenneth Cloke (2001)

A Practitioner’s Guide to Mediation: A Client Centred Approach
Stephen Erickson, Marilyn McKnight (2000)

The ADR Practice Guide
Karl Mackie, David Miles, William Marsh (2000)

The Third Side: Why we fight, and how we can stop
William Ury (2000)

The Mediator’s Handbook
Jennifer Beer, Eileen Steif (1998)

Beyond Machiavelli: Tools for coping with conflict
Roger Fisher (1996)

Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations
William Ury (1993)

Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
Roger Fisher, Bruce M. Patton, William L. Ury (1992)

The CPR Recommended Library List
CPR Institute

Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution
Freddie Strasser and Paul Randolph (2004)

The Art of Conflict or How to Stay Zen 
by Brigitte Kehrer


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