The Global Pound Conference Series

Global Pound Conference India
The Indian Arbitrator (New Magazine of the IIAM) (2017)

SA ripe for alternative dispute resolution to take root
John Brand (2017)

The Global Pound Conference - The End of the Beginning
Rosemary Howell (2017)

It’s a Wrap: Global Pound Conference Concludes
Lyn Laurence (2017)

Global Pound Conference, London – The Grand Finale!
Nicky Doble (2017)

Roscoe Pound Would Be Proud – Reflections On The History Of The GPC
Rosemary Howell (2017)

The Global Pound Conference Reaches Its Conclusion: User Focus Is Now Mainstream
Michael McIlwrath (2017) 

Toronto Speaks Out in the World of Commercial Dispute Resolution
Kathryn Munn (2017)

Global Pound Conference Series – Findings From 2016
rbitral Women News (2017)

Life's Lessons on Access to Justice
Bruce Edwards (2017)

What do Users Want, Need and Expect? Efficiency is Key
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Clients Call for more Collaboration with Advisors over Disputes
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Can Improved Cross-Cultural Dialogue Promote Different Forms of Dispute Resolution?
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Collaboration is now the Key to Efficient Dispute Resolution
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Global Pound Berlin, March 24, 2017
Greg Bond (2017)

Life’s Lessons on Access to Justice
Bruce Edwards (2017)

Global Pound Conference: Clients Call for more Collaboration with Advisors over Disputes
Media Release (2017)

Divergent Views on the Role of Lawyers in 21st Century Dispute Resolution
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Global Pound Conference Series 2016-17
Herbert Smith Freehills (2017)

Litigate, Arbitrate, or Mediate? Putting It All on the Table at the Global Pound Conference in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Lawyer (2016) 

Global Pound Conference Series Event to be Held in Austin
Karl Bayer's DISPUTING (2017)

A Look back on, and Forward to, the Global Pound Conference
Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation (2017)

Findings and recommendations from the first in-depth GPC analysis: The Singapore Report
IMI & GPC Central Organising Committee (2016)

The Global Pound Conference Series: Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution and Improving Access to Justice A Truly Global Event
Bryan Branon (2016)

Global Pound Conference (GPC) Series 2016–2017
By Mary Walker (2016)

The Future of Dispute Management and Resolution: Determining the Needs of Users Through the Global Pound Conference?
By Deborah Masucci, Michael McIlwrath and Jeremy Lack (2016)

The Global Pound Conference: The Journey to Determine the Needs of Users Has Started
Deborah Masucci (2016)

New York's Global Pound Conference
By F.Peter Phillips (2016)

Global Pound Conference Series 2016 - Singapore (Opening Address)
"Shaping the Future of Dispute Resolution and Improving Access to Justice".
The Honourable the Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon (2016)

 The 2016 Global Pound Conference
By Michael McIwrath and Debbie Masucci (2015)

The Proposed Global Pound Conference

By F. Peter Phillips (2015)

We can Work it Out: Litigation Special Report​​
The Lawyer, ​Oct 2015

An Opportunity for Corporations to Benchmark Themselves
By Alex Oddy (2016)

What Happens in Singapore, Does Not Stay in Singapore
By Deborah Masucci (2016)

More on the Global Pound Conference
By Ian Macduff (2016)

Mediation looks to Singapore
By Ben Rigby (2016)

The future of dispute resolution: talking about a communication revolution?
By Natasha Mellersh (2016

Data will defeat “the deadening drag of status quoism". The Global Pound Conference Series has kicked off.
By Michael Leathes (2016)

Why is Mediation like a Cactus?
Martin Svatos (2016)

Harvesting Data to shape the Future of International Dispute Resolution
Michael Leathes and Deborah Masucci (2014)

Time for Another Big Bang in Alternative Dispute Resolution - The World Needs a Global PoundConference (Kluwer Mediation Blog).
Michael Leathes & Deborah Masucci (2014)

What's In It For Us?
Constantin-Adi Gavrila (2016)





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