IMI Library - Mediation Process, Skills, Training Section

So, You Want to Mediate? A User's Guide
Gregg Bertram (2016)

Building Bridges: Embracing NLP for better mediation
Florence Dambricourt and Trevor Horne (2016)

AGREED! Negotiation/Mediation in the 21st Century
Thierry Garby (2016)

Mediation Practice and Law - The Path to Successful Dispute Resolution
Sriram Panchu (2015 (2nd ed.,)

How to Become a Successful Mediator
Bennett Picker (2015)

Guided Choice Dispute Resolution Processes: Reducing the Time and Expense to Settlement
Paul M Lurie and Jeremy Lack (2014)

The Conflict Partnership Catalyst Process: An Alternative to Traditional Mediation
Dudley Weeks (2015)

How to Master Commercial Mediation
David Richbell (2014)
Available on Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK)

Mediation: A Psychological Insight into Conflict Resolution
Freddie Strasser & Paul Randolph (2004)

There's nothing weak about an Apology
John Sturrock (2013)

Key to Mediation is to find real issues
John Sturrock (2013)

Shifting the Focus from Mediating the Problem to Mediating the Moment - Using Intuition as a Guide
Greg Rooney and Margaret Ross (2012)

The Choreography of Resolution: Conflict, Movement and Neuroscience
Michelle LeBaron, Carrie MacLeod and Andrew Floyer Acland (2013)

Dispute Resolution Mules
Michael Leathes (2012) 

Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method
Alessandro Bruni (2011)
(in European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice. A Guide to European Mediation)

Mediation Skills Development Around the World - with Skype. It Works
Giuseppe Leone (2012)

Mediation: Principles and Practice (3rd Ed.)
Kimberlee V Kovach (2004)

What's in it for Me?
Mediator Certification and the Laws of Supply and Demand
Irena Vanenkova (2012)

Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole: The "Med-Arb" process versus judicial enforceability of mediation settlements
Ute A. Joas Quinn (2000) 

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR): The Spectrum of Hybrid Techniques Available to the Parties

Jeremy Lack (2011) 

Listening with a Soft Hand
Nigel Singer (2010) 

IBA eBook: Mediation Techniques
Patricia Barclay (Ed) (2010) 

When Should Mediators Bite Their Tongue?
Hon Robert Fisher QC (2010) 

The Difficult Conversation (free eBook)
Aled Davies (2010) 

Preparation: The key to Mediation Success
Bennett Picker (2010)

You say you're a certified mediator. Says who?
Tammy Lenski (2009)

Mediator Skills and Techniques: Triangle of Influence 
Miryana Nesic and Laurence Boulle (2009)

Lawyer Mediator; Non-lawyer Mediator - Who is better?
Anil Xavier

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Mark V.B. Partridge (2009)

Toolkit - Generating Outcomes
Manon Schonewille

What's Fair - Ethics for Negotiators
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Michael Wheeler

Controlling the Costs of Conflict: How to Design a System for your Organization
Karl Slaikeu, Ralph Hasson

Staying with Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes
Bernard Mayer

Handbook of Human Conflict Technology: How to create win-win business success without destructive conflicts
Tina Monberg (2007)

A Handbook of Dispute Resolution: ADR in Action
Karl Mackie (Ed) (2007)

Developing the Craft of Mediation: Reflections on Theory and Practice
Marian Roberts (2007)

Effective Negotiation and Mediation of Conflict: Applied theory, forms and practice handbook
Robert Benjamin (2007)

Mediation: Practice, policy and ethics
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela P. Love, Andrea K. Schneider (2006)

Mediation: Revenge and the Magic of Forgiveness
Kenneth Cloke (1996) 

The Facilitator’s Fieldbook: Step by Step Procedures, Checklists & Guidelines

Thomas Justice, David Jamieson (2006)

Creative Problem-Solver’s Handbook for Negotiators and Mediators Vol. 1
Creative Problem-Solver’s Handbook for Negotiators and Mediators Vol. 2
John Cooley (2005)

Mediation Practice Guide: A handbook for resolving business disputes
Mediation Practice Guide: A Handbook for Resolving Business Disputes (Second Edition)
Bennett Picker (2004)

Nelson on ADR
Robert Nelson (2003)

The Complete Facilitator’s Handbook
John Heron (1999)

The Keys to Conflict Resolution: Proven methods of settling disputes voluntarily
Theodore Kheel (1999)

ADR: Principles & practice
Henry Brown, Arthur Marriott (1999)

Bringing Oxytocin into the Room: Notes on the Neurophysiology of Conflict
Kenneth Cloke




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