IMI Library - Representing Parties in Mediation Section 

Oral and Written Advocacy: Law & Practice
Traditional and Modern Trends in Advocacy
Chief 'Folake Solanke & Professor Fabian Ajogwu (2016)

Mediation Advocacy: The Role of Lawyers in Mediation
Dwight Golaan (2015)

Representing Clients in Mediation
Marcus Stone (1998)

Effective Mediation Advocacy (e-Book)
In Association with the Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates

Mediation Advocacy - The Role of Lawyers in Mediation
Dwight Golaan (2013)

Advising and Representing Clients at Mediation
Stephen Walker and David Smith (2013)

Representing Clients in Mediation
Eric R. Galton (1994)

Mediation Advocacy
Andrew Goodman (2010)

Toolkit Mediation Advocacy
Manon Schonewille (2008)

Mediation: The Roles of Advocate and Neutral
Dwight Golann and Jay Folberg (2006)

Mediation Representation: Advocating in a Problem-Solving Process
Harold I. Abramson (2010)

Mediation Advocacy
John W. Cooley (2002)




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