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Qualified by
Albanian Foundation for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation of Disputes (AFCR)
Mediation Locations
Mediation languages
Current position and background
Mediator (June 2012 and Ongoing)
Law and Mediation Studio, Liço & Associates
Founder partner

Mediation Trainer (2015 - ongoing)
National Mediation Chamber

Trainer (2015 - ongoing)
National School of Advocates.

Professor (part-time) (October 2009 - June 2010)
American University of Tirana
Private University

Lecturer (full time) (October 2009 - October 2012)

Lecturer (part- time) (October 2012 - October 2014)
University "Tirana International"
Private University

Professor(full time)(October 2012 and ongoing)
University "Aleksander Moisiu" Durres
Publik University

Member of the working group for the formation of “National Chamber of Mediation”
Coordination of work for the establishment of the status of "National Mediation Chamber", which was proposed and voted on by the first conference of licensed Mediators of the time.
(19 June 2012 - December 2012)

Attorney at law assistant (February 2009-2010)
Filing of all the documents for the cases and legal consultancy.
Legal studio “Gega”, Tirana
Privat Institution

Attorney at law (February 2011 and ongoing)
Law and Mediation Studio, Liço & Associates
Founder partner

President CEO/ Founder (January 2008 and ongoing)
Executive Director.
Project coordination
Albanian Foundation of Organ Donors "ERI"
Main mediation practice areas
Business To Community
Commercial, general
Financial Services
Intellectual Property
International Commercial
Investor-State Disputes
Personal Injury
Mediation experience
22 labour cases in which 19 were successfully mediated.
3 civil cases in which 3 were successfully mediated.
5 commercial cases in which 4 were successfully mediated.
3 cases in Family Mediation, of which 3 were successfully mediated.
Description of mediation style
Evaluative Mediation
Facilitative Mediation
Transformative Mediation
Code of professional conduct
Albanian Mediation Code of Professional Conduct
Complaint process
Albanian National Mediation Chamber
Professional indemnity insurance
Albsig insurance company, Albania.
Maximum Cover provided: 50 000 Euro.
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Teliti Ersida ( ersida.teliti@fdut.edu.al )
Latest Update: 2017-05-22 05:58:42

This feedback digest is based on 21 feedbacks from 14 mediations, initially collected in March 2017.

Mr. Loren has been rated at Performance Level 5 on a consistent basis by parties for whom he has acted as a mediator. I’d like to emphasize that a very high percentage of parties would recommend him as a mediator. This fact comes out by the number of parties willing to use mediation again and provide a reference to parties considering the engagement of Mr. Loren as a mediator in the future disputes.

Feedback received indicates that parties have indicated satisfication regarding costs, meaning that he applies reasonable costs in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by him.

Feedback received indicate that parties recommend him, that Loren is highly appreciated by colleagues, law firms and other professionals, as well as from parties that have tried mediation before. This indicates that his skills are appreciated among professionals recognizing his abilities, as well as from party’s satisfactory experiences.

These results indicate that he is supportive during the process, while maintaining impartiality during mediation, leading the parties to reach a mutually-agreeable solution and a superior result.

It is evident from feedback received, that he brings to the mediation process his considerable experience in negotiations, acquired as well from his professional experience as a lecturer, mediator, mediation trainer and lawyer.

Ersida Teliti.

Professional affiliations
Albanian National Mediation Chamber
Mediation education and training
September 2014 Trainer in the field of mediation
Slyn Foundation

July 2016 Phd with the theme " Mediation process in Albania"
European University of Tirana, Department of Law

February 3 to- Professional training on fiscal expertise
March 23 2012 Chartered Institute of Fiscal of Tirana

13 March 2012- Legal Consultancy on Business Organizations
24 April 2012 Higher Education Institution "ISSAT "

September 2009- Post master in civil sciences
2011 University of Tirana, Department of Law

March 2008 Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management”

19-22 July 2011 Basic Training on Family Mediation USAID Albania

04-07 Oct, 2011 Advanced Training on Family Mediation, USAID Albania

22-25 Nov 2011 Advanced Training on Consumer Dispute Mediation, USAID Albania
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Professor (full time) (October 2012 and ongoing)
University "Aleksander Moisiu" Durres
Publik University

Mediation Trainer (2015- ongoing)
National Mediation Chamber
Mediation publications
October 2016 Tirana Baylstock (Poland). 4-th international Conference on: “Business, law, administration and social sciences- Challenges toward the future. Paper titled: ‘Character of law no.10385, “On Mediation in dispute resolution”’.

October 2016 Tirana Baylstock (Poland). 4-th international Conference on: “Business, law, administration and social sciences- Challenges toward the future. Paper titled: ‘Evolution of dispute resolution through mediation in Albania’.

April 2017 Yoanina Grece. The 6-th International multidisciplinary Conference in New Advanced Methodologies and techniques for Scientific Research. Paper titled: ‘Some Aspects of the Mediator Profile’.

March 2015 Dubrovnik Croatia. ICTEA The 4-th International Multidisciplinary Conference in Integrating Science in new Global Challenges ‘Parent -Adolescent Conflicts in the Albanian Reality; Case study of the Gjirokastrër District’.


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