Mediator Training and Competency Assessment
Task Force


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Terms of Reference

Consistently high quality assessment and credentialing of mediators are crucial to the perception of mediation as a profession and to the task of building mediation capacity.

The Mediation Competency Assessment Task Force convened by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) is invited to make recommendations in relation to competency of mediators’ assessors as follows:

Mediation Competency Assessors

The establishment of high minimum knowledge, skills and experience criteria required by those who assess mediators, and who wish to be designated as IMI Certified Mediation Competency Assessors.

The Task Force may also wish to make recommendations in relation to competency of mediation skill trainers and quality of mediation courses as follows:

Mediation Skills Trainers

The establishment of high minimum knowledge, skills and experience criteria required by those who teach mediation skills courses and who wish to be designated as IMI Certified Mediation Skills Trainers either connected with the IMI Recognised Training Programs or individually;

Mediation Training Courses

The establishment of high minimum criteria relating to the quality, methodology and essential content required for training courses to be designated as IMI Recognised Mediation Training Courses for mediators, mediation advocates, assessors, users, referrers, etc.


Members of ISC Task Forces serve in their personal capacities on a pro bono basis, contributing such non-confidential and non-proprietary knowledge, experience and open-source materials that may collectively help address the Terms of Reference and serve the common interests of the mediation profession.

The specific contributions of Task Force members may, with their prior consent, be openly acknowledged, appreciated and recorded in the recommendations made to the ISC and in subsequent publicity. 

IMI will provide the Task Force with administrative support, including password-protected shared filing facilities and conference calling, and will welcome additional secretariat assistance that Task Force members may be able to provide on a voluntary basis.




IMI Training Standards Task Force Recommendations



Members of the Task Force

Taskforce Steering Committee

Federico Antich, Studio Dell’Avvocato Antich, Italy

Ramona Buck, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS), USA

Marcus Lim, SIMI, Singapore

James South (Chair), Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, UK

Felicity Steadman, Conflict Dynamics, South Africa

Taskforce Co-ordinator

Frederick Way, CEDR, UK

Taskforce consultation members

Justin Aina, Society of Professionals in Dispute, Nigeria

Ioanna Anastassopoulou, Hellenic Mediation and Arbitration Centre, Greece

Eva Avlogiari, ADR Hellenic Centre, Greece

Rich Birke, JAMS, USA

Brenda Brainch, Dispute Resolution Kenya, Kenya

Alessandro Bruni, Concilia, Italy

Marko Irsic, The Rakmo Institute, Slovenia

Ellen Kandell, Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution, USA

Suzana Kolesar, Mediation Centre of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, Croatia

Justice Vashiest Kokoram, Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

Joost Maassen, Dialogue BV, Netherlands

Hughes de Roquette-Buisson, IFOMENE, France

Jawad A Sarwana, Pakistan Mediators Association, Pakistan

Robert Tettelaar, ADR Register, Netherlands

Vincent Tilman, Bmediation, Belgium

Charlene Valdez Warner, CPR Institute, USA

Anne Wallace, ADR Institute of Canada, Canada

Sabine Walsh, Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII), Ireland

Anil Xavier, Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation (IIAM), India

Jan van Zweiten, Mediators Federation Netherlands, Netherlands 




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