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Annette van Riemsdijk
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Mediator and Director, Mediators Beyond Borders, The Netherlands. A Certified Mediator with several bodies with a distinguished record in ADR practice as a solicitor since 1988 and as a mediator since 1993. She is an arbitrator, trainer and director of The New Resolution Group.

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IMI Support
Feedback digest by IMI Support, 28 Aug 2018 Reviewer: Marina T. van Veen – van den Noort, IMI Certified Mediator This Feedback Digest has been prepared in accordance with the IMI Guidelines, based on feedback from 5 participants in 5 mediations. Last update: 20 september 2009. Annette M. van Riemsdijk has consistently been rated at Performance Levels 4-5 by parties for whom she has acted as mediator in domestic and international mediations. All parties would recommand van Riemsdijk as a mediator and state that they would use van Riemsdijk as mediator again in the future. Van Riemsdijk’s mediator skills have received high ratings. All mediations, of which feedback was received, ended in a solution of the conflict. The costs of the mediation were reported as reasonable and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported Special comments in the feed back were: 1. Intrigued and satisfied with the mediation process, very happy with the outcome. 2. Van Riemsdijk acted proactive and effective. A highly experienced and reliable mediator. 3. Wisdom, intelligence, integrity and experience define her style. 4. Van Riemsdijk ‘s talent to be personable but also adamant made a decisive difference in the outcome. 5. The combination of her legal, psychological, linguistic and sociological knowledge is an asset. Keywords: Well known; Neutral; Language skills; Profound knowledge of cultural differences; Significant experienced and good humoured. No reportable negative comments have arisen. Arnhem, September, 20th 2009 Marina T. van Veen – van den Noort
This feedback digest was last updated 10 November 2010.
by IMI Support, 21 Jul 2024
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