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Antonia Marsaglia
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Mediator - Chamber of Arbitration of Milan, Author, Italy.

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Mediation Profile

Antonia Marsaglia practices as a Mediator since the year 2000 in national and international civil and commercial matters . She is a registered Mediator with the Arbitration Chamber of Milan, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators,The Mediation Centre of the Italian banking association (Conciliatore bancario e Finanziario), the Italy China Business Mediation Center.

Antonia Marsaglia has followed multicultural studies in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and USA, dedicated lecturer and trainer with the National and International Arbitration Chamber of Milan, European Court of Arbitration and the Milan Bar Mediation Centre. Has published articles in English and Italian on the structure and use of mediation. Since the year 2000 her activity as mediator in ad hoc and institutional proceedings has steadily grown with a high rate of successful mediations, both national and international. Her experience includes disputes concerning international company acquisitions , disputes between shareholders, disputes between banks and clients on proposed investments and derivatives, resolution of agency and distribution contracts, disputes concerning competition, disputes refferring to the purchase of real estate, disputes concerning truts and succession.

The style of mediation prevalentely used is the facilitative style, but evaluation is made when required.

General commercial Merges and Acquisitions Contract Corporate disputes Derivatives and investment advice Trusts and succession.

Rates are provided on request.

Member of CIArb - The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Training and Education

Mediation Studies: Formation 1999 17-19 June Introductory Course held by CEDR, Milan 20 October Course held by the Milan Chamber of Commerce (Camera di Commercio di Milano) 2000 30-31 March Course on the tecniques of mediation by Jacques Salzer, Milan 2 June Course on the tecniques of mediation by Dwight Golann, Milan 5 October Course on the tecniques of mediation by Ana Maria Uzqueda, Milan 2001 4-5-6 September Course on the formation of mediators held by CEDR, Milan 2002 18-19 January Lessons on Transformative mediation by A. Bush, Copenhagen Lessons on Tecniques of mediation by L. Riskin, Copenhagen Lessons on Cognitive systemic mediation, by Larry Fong, Copenhagen Lessons ”Giraffe language” by M. Rosenberg, Copenhagen 2003 15-16 December “Advanced Course for Mediators” Jacques Salzer , Milan 2004 12 November The use of Mediation by Jacques Salzer, Milan 2005 27 May The effective resolution of class actions K.R.Feinberg, D.Weinstein, Rimini 9-15 November Course for Italy China Mediation, Milan 2006 1-2-9-14 March Theory and practice for Corporate Mediation under the new rules of company law, Milan 2008 28-29 May UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, Milan 24 September Chartered Institute of Arbitrators - Symposium, London 1 November “A modern European perspective of dispute resolution” The Hague 2009 20-21 March Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, meeting European Branch, Milan 2012 27-29 February CEDR ”EU Train the Trainor – Master Skill Mediator Training Project supported by the European Commission”, Florence 17-18 May “How to mediate: comparison of techniques and skills” Dwight Golann – Gary J. Friedman, Resolutia - Chamber of Arbitration, Venice 27 June Updating in Commercial Mediation - Milan Chamber of Commerce 29 June ISPI Istituto Studi di Politica Internazionale Course: “Mediation and Negotiation in Humanitarian crisis“, Milan 17-20 October Transformative Mediation: basic course, Joseph Folger – ADR Quadra Milan 2013 13-15 May CEDR International Trainers Network. 14 June Dublin International Dispute Resolution Forum

14-16 November 2003 European Court of Arbitration: Introductory course on mediation “Negotiation and confidentiality in Mediation” - “The conclusion of the Mediation procedure” 3 February 2006 European Court of Arbitration: "An introduction to Mediation tecniques” 30 October 2007 Grosseto Chamber of Commerce: "ADR and conflict management in the execution of international commercial contracts” - “Drafting ADR clauses in international commercial contracts” 15 April 2008 Conciliamo - Conciliation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan: “Introductory course to mediation and mediation tecniques” 22 April 2008 The British Chamber of Commerce for Italy: “The use of Mediation in international commercial contracts, practical experiences” 27 May 2008 European Court of Arbitration: “Course for mediators” 6 June 2008 Script and participation in the moot of the course on Commercial and Corporate Mediation by In Media 7 November 2008 Milan Chamber of Commerce - Course on Arbitration: “Arbitration, Mediation, points of convergency and divergency” 18 November 2008 Milan Bar: "Extrajudiciary Conciliation” 25 November 2008 Milan Chamber of Arbitration – International Business Mediation Service: “The International Mediation“ 4 December 2008 Progetto Conciliamo (Milan Bar): “Lawyers and Mediation” 1 March 2009 Il Trust in Italia – Seminar: ““Mediation, a useful tool to settle trust controversies” 20-21 March 2009 CIArb (The Chartered Institute of Arbitration) Seminar: “Arbitration and Mediation: how to choose the best?” 31 March 2009 European Court of Arbitration: “The Mediation procedure” 8 April 2009 Organismo di Conciliazione Ordine Avvocati Milano: “Mediation Course for lawyers with 15 years seniority” 3 June 2009 Milan Arbitration Chamber Seminar: “Corporate Mediation” Monza 6 June 2009 Conciliamo Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan: “Mediation and the Profession” (II) 24 June 2009 AIGI and Milan Arbitration Chamber - Seminar: "Business and conflict. Compared experiences for solutions” 26 November 2009 Conciliamo - Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan - Seminar: “Mediation stories” 3 December 2009 Conciliamo - Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan - Seminar :“Lawyers and judges and Mediation” 26 January 2010 Milan Arbitration Chamber: “A strole in Mediation” 24 March 2010 European Court of Arbitration "Advanced Course in Facilitative Mediation” 20 May 2010 STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Congress: “Trust and mediation” 25 June 2010 Conciliamo Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan “ Mediation and the Profession” (II) 15-16 December 2010 IDLO Training Workshop on Technology Transfer [Cairo - Egypt] “ADR and TT related disputes” 3 February 2011 Milan Chamber of Arbitration “Mediation for financial disputes” 25 February 2011 Academy Milano - Italian Stock Exchange Seminar: “Mandatory Mediation for financial disputes” 16 March 2011 Mediamo – Seminar “Considering Mediation for commercial disputes “ 13 April 2011 Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Milano - Seminar: “Commercial Mediation”. 14 and 24 April 2011 Conciliamo Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan “Course to be registered as Mediator” 16 and 14 May 2011 Conciliamo Mediation Centre of the Court of Appeal of Milan and Assoedilizia “Course to be registered as Mediator” 27-29 June 2011 Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura Rome “Symposium on Mediation” August/ September 2011 Università degli Studi di Milano “Summer School on International Mediation and Arbitration” 31 January 2012 Mediamo – Seminar: “Mediation and facilitated negotiation” 3 – 8 February 2012 ICC International Chamber of Commerce - Paris “7th Moot Mediation Competition” Italian team Coach Milan University - Università degli Studi di Milano 29 March 2012 Mediamo – Convegno: “Mediation secrets” 20-21 April 2012 CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitration) - European Branch Conference “Arbitration and Mediation in Europe” 24 May 2012 Mediamo – Advanced course for Mediators: “Communication and empathical listening” 6 June 2012 Conference ADR Judges 29-30 June 2012 Ordine degli Ingegneri della Provincia di Milano Course: “The Mediator – Mediation Methods" 20 September 2012 Mediamo – Advanced course for Mediators “Use of Empathy in Mediation” 29 November 2012 Mediamo – Seminar: “Mediation Moot” 8 – 13 February 2013 ICC International Chamber of Commerce Paris “8th Moot Mediation Competition” Italian team Coach Milan University - Università degli Studi di Milano 4 – 6 March 2013 ADR and disputes related to EU financed contracts [Ankara – Turkey Ministry of Technology] 23 April 2013 Universita’ degli Studi di Milano Mediation module in the Negotiation Course of the faculty of Law. 4 June 2013 Arbitration Course - Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza


“Una intervista sulla mediazione“ published in and on the website of the Camera Arbitrale Nazionale e Internazionale di Milano - Mediazione un utile strumento per risolvere problemi legati al passaggio generazionale” published on the website of the Camera Arbitrale Nazionale e Internazionale di Milano “Estate planning, Estate Disputes and Mediation“ published in the papers of STEP (Society