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Birgit Sambeth Glasner
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I am a commited mediator who proactively assists the parties in reaching a wise settlement.

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IMI Certified Mediator
Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States
English, French, German, Spanish
EQP - Experience Qualification Path (Historic)
Mediation Profile

Partner at ALTENBURGER Ltd legal + tax, Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland
Sworn Mediator accredited by the Geneva Courts (acting as mediator since 1997)

Attorney at law, LL-M., Head of the Dispute resolution team of Altenburger Geneva
special areas of practice: international and national company/commercial and contract law, trade and finance, international and national bankruptcies and reorganizations, employment law, organisation/governance, intellectual property, professional liability, real estate and leaseholds, inheritance and estates.
Dispute resolution: mediation, negotiation, litigation, collaborative law, arbitration (national and international).

Vice-President for Geneva of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediators
Civil, Commercial and Criminal Mediator, Accredited by the Geneva Courts

Certified Mediator by the Swiss Bar Association, the Swiss Chamber for Commercial Mediation (, CEDR Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London (, CMAP Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris ( and listed as Neutral at ICC Paris, ICC Switzerland and WIPO

Arbitrator ASA & ICC Switzerland

Lic iur 1984, Bar exam 1990, Geneva (CH) and 1986
LL.M International Banking Law Studies, Boston, (USA)
First trained at Lloyds Bank Plc and then worked with Baker Mc Kenzie Chicago and Geneva before practicing 5 years at the Tax and Legal Department of Ernst & Young in Basel.
Managed her own law firm for 11 years in Geneva and merged with Altenburger Geneva and Zurich in 2005.

Deputy Judge for conciliations at the Geneva Courts (1994-2008)
Deputy Judge for Children protective measures (1994-2008)
Former member of the City Council of Veyrier, Geneva

Born 1962 in Geneva as German citizen, Swiss national since 1983
Married and mother of two teenaged children
French & German (mother tongues), English (fluent), Italian and Spanish (good understanding)

Professional Experience as a Mediator in Mediation proceedings :

  • Mediator since 1997, having mediated approximately 300 cases
  • Participation in numerous mediations as Mediator and Co-mediator in various Countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, Turkey, Austria, Brasil and USA) notably in the following fields:

National and international commercial – corporate – financial matters: joint-ventures, shareholders’ agreements, M&A, contracts, distribution/agency agreements, liquidation of commercial enterprises, construction contracts (pharmaceutical factories, food industry, energy sector: biogas and other clean energy), financing of construction contracts, commodity trading and shipping, employment matters, unions, lease/tenant disputes, financial disputes and asset management, trademark infringements, IP structures, Insurances, but also in complex family disputes and inheritance matters.

  • Numerous mediations involved multiple languages and parties from multiple cultural environments.
  • Participation in various institutional ADR proceedings (Mediation and Conciliation as well as MEDALOA) notably with ICC, CEDR, CPR, CMAP, CEPANI (Belgium), Swiss Chambers of Commerce (Swiss Rules), as well as Ad hoc ADR proceedings.

  • Participation as Attorney in ADR proceedings as well as a Party, notably in an international commercial mediation in the USA (D&O liability issue).

  • Participation as Party’s Counsel in various mediations and other ADR processes and Arbitration proceedings.

  • Setting up of Dispute Resolution Boards.

  • Former Conciliation Judge at the Geneva Court (1995 to 2008)

Counsel for parties in mediation as well as self party in an international mediation in the US as liquidator of the finance company of an international group (D&O liability mediation): international bankruptcy.

Supervisor of various organism and groups acting in the mediation

Holistic and creative approach to dispute apprehension and resolution Interest based mediation focused on future interests and business needs, which can be either very facilitative or utmast valuative, depending on the context, the necessities of the case, the requests of the parties and the options at stake. Practicing hybrids, MEDALOA or combined ADR processes, upon request and with the informed consent of the parties Use of cross cultural skills and tools.

Civil mediations in various commercial cases (small and multi million) as well as in family disputes (inheritance, separations) on a national and international level Criminal mediation mandated by the Geneva Attorney General Juvenile Justice annexed mediations

Approximately CHF 450.- to 550.- per hour

CHF 2'000.- per half-day (+/- 5 hours) or CHF 4'000.- per day (+/- 10-12 hours)

Adjustments can be discussed for long term and/or particularly complex cases.

Fee arrangements can be envisaged for specific cases, individuals and not-for profit entities.

° Member of the Geneva Bar, elected as Member of the Board in April 2009
° President of the ADR Commission of the Geneva Bar

° Swiss Bar Association, Member of the Mediation Committee

° IBA Mediation Committee: National representative for Switzerland and Chair of the combined and ad hoc ADR processes Subcommittee (former co-chair of the UNCITRAL Conciliation Model law Subcommittee)

° Member of the Mediators' Accreditation Commission of the Geneva State

° Vice President for Geneva of the Swiss Chamber for Commercial Mediation (Founding member 1997)

° Member of the Advisory Committee for the ICC International Mediation Competition 2010
° Memeber of ICC Switzerland

° Member of the Swiss Association for Collaborative Law

° Member of the Swiss Arbitration Association (ASA)

° Member of the Geneva Association for Business Law (AGDA)

Training and Education

10-12.1997 : CEFOC & INPER : Médiation civile, familiale, sociale et pénale, Lausanne, Suisse. 17-18.01.1998 : Commercial mediation, Richard HILL, Lausanne, Suisse 22.01-12.05.1998 (6 jours) : Social Mediations and mediation with the youth, Geneva 28-29.06.2004 : Mediation in Intellectual property disputes, Gary FRIEDMAN (California) & John MNOUKIN (Harvard, USA), at WIPO (OMPI), Geneva. 22.08-28.08.2004 : « CEDR Accreditation in Commercial Mediation », Stresa, Italia 09-10.02.2006: Advanced Mediator's training CEDR: “Facilitating Negociation and Managing Lawyers”, London, UK, by CEDR & Pepperdine University (Jeff Kirvis and Peter Robinson) 02.11.2004 : Swiss Bar Association: « Le médiateur / avocat et le rôle de l’avocat dans la Médiation», Bern, CH 09.06.2005 : « Multi-party Mediations», Lucerne, Switzerland. 30.08 - 01.09.2006 : CMAP « Difficult mediations), St-Tropez, France 06-07.07.2007: UIA: The World Forum of Mediation Centers, New York “Complex communication: A guide to difficult conversations” : Douglas Stone, “Beyond Reasons: Using emotions as you mediate” : Daniel Shapiro, “Spiritual Intelligence and negotiation”: Erica Ariel Fox, “Commercial ADR from the perspective of the End user”: Peter Philips CPR 09.07 – 13.07.2007 HNII Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative « Into the Heart of conflict: Mastery for advanced mediators” with Kenneth Cloke, Harvard Law School, Boston, USA 02.06.2008 “Mediation Advocacy – A training for Lawyers and In-House Counses” Prof Harold I. Abramson, OdA Section des avocats étrangers, Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Genève 14.08-18.08.2008. 3rd International Summer School for Business Mediation “ Wirtschaftsmediation und Familienunternehmen” mit Mario Patera und Ulrike Gamm, Admont, Oesterreich 01.09.2008 7th International Mediation Interest Group, WIPO, Geneva The use of ADR in Intellectual Property and Corporate Governance Issues:, Kenneth Cloke, John Bosnak, Thierry Garby, David Plant, Michael Leathes, Mike Mcilwrath 26-26.9.2008 « Gestion de fortes émotions dans la relation avec le client » Ulricke Gamm et Mario Patera 07.09.2009 8th International Mediation Interest Group, WIPO, Geneva 6.10.2009 « ZRM – Das Zürcher Ressourcen Modell“Konfliktkultur, Wien (Oesterreich) Dr. Maja Storch 18.11.2009 Genève « La Roue de FIUTAK - The Circle Model of Mediation » Prof. Thomas Fiutak 26.11.2009 London Global resolution: Cost effective settlement in International arbitration The CEDR Rules for the facilitation of Settlement in International Arbitration

Visiting Professior in Mediation at: - International Trade Law Post Graduate Course », University Institute of European Studies & International Training Center for the ILO, Turin (Italie) ( International Commercial Mediation : theory, rules, principles and mock case. Mai 2007, Juin 2008, May 2009.and 2010. - Introduction to conflict Management: Mediation: Class for the young attorneys in Geneva, February 2008 and 2009. - Master degree - Modern Mecanismus of International Dispute Resolution, University of Fribourg.(CH) Commercial mediation and « moot mediation », within the programm of Professor Pierre Tercier : February and September 2008 - Diploma in Advanced Studies in Commodity Trading, University of Geneva, “Mediation in Commodity Trading”, January 2009 and 2010. - Master degree - International Commercial Contracts & Dispute resolution , University of Fribourg.(CH) Class on commercial mediation and « moot mediation » within the programm of ProfessorPierre Tercier : February and September 2009 - Master of Arts in International Trading, Commodity, Finance and Shipping, University of Geneva, “Mediation in commodity Trading”, April 2009. - Master in International Dispute Resolution MIDS, University of Geneva, “Introduction to commercial Mediation”, November 2009 + Various interventions at ICC, CMAP, CEDR, IBA annual and semi-annual meetings, UIA, Swiss Chambers of Commerce, GTSA, STEP, Swiss television and radio, and organizer of monthly « P’tits Déjeuners de la Médiation ».

  • 20.10.2014: ICC Argentina - Camara de comercio de Buenos Aires: Nuevas Tendencias de la                                          Mediacion y del Arbitrage CCI
  • 23.10.2014 ABA International Mediation Committee Fall Meeting in Buenos Aires: Convincing                     Reluctant Counterparties to Mediate International B2B Disputes Across Borders
  • 4.12.2014 Otherwise 9, Genève: Droit du travail et médiation : Mise en pratique de l’ATF du                                   9.5.2012
  • 5.03.2015 YAFF - ASA Below 40 ; Striving for efficiency in complex dispute management, Geneva
  • 23.03.2015 : GEM Groupement des Entreprises Multinationales, Genève : La médiation dans                    l’entreprise (conférence et exemples pratiques)
  • 18.05.2015 HR Geneva: Work mediation within companies: conference at the FER Fédération des Entreprises Romandes
  • 04.05.2015: FSA/SAV Congrès annuel 2015: Rôle et contribution de l’avocat en médiation / Mediation in der anwaltlichen Praxis (avec Me Roman Manser)
  • 26.05.2016 Helsinki Arbitration Day: Mediation as an Alternative to Resolve
    International Commercial Disputes – When, How and Why?
  • 04.06.2015 Cours de Conciliation/Médiation pour les Présidents des Prud'hommes de Genève
  • 21.09.2015 : DAV Deutscher Anwaltsverband : International ADR Conference 2015: Arbitration and Mediation - Both a Blessing and a Curse? Due Process and Use of ADR. Arbitration and Mediation in Switzerland - Due Process Discussion or Best Practice of Dispute Resolution?
  • 02.09.2016 Vienne UNCITRAL: Panel re mediation for the UNCITRAL Delegates discussing New York Convention II on enforcement of Mediated agreements
  • 19.10.2016 “Dispute Resolution Processes: Mix and Match for the Best Results
    7th ICC International Mediation Conference, Paris.
  • 10.02.2017 Audition par la Commission juridique du Grand Conseil du Canton de Genève : Médiation administrative et Préposé aux données et à la transparence.
  • 28.03.2017 CPR European Congress on Dispute Resolution / European Advisory Board - Using ADR and mediation to gain competitive advantages, London
  • 11-12.01.2018 Mediation in Sports Disputes, UIA Lisbon

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The European Code of conduct for Mediators
Code of conduct of the Swiss bar applicable to lawyers/mediators

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process

Professional Liability Insurance of ALTENBURGER with AXA WINTERTHUR INSURANCE CO providing for a coverage of CHF 10 million.

Birgit Sambeth Glasner
+ 41 58 810 22 33
+ 41 79 859 12 84
+ 41 58 810 22 34
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