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Delcy Lagones De Anglim
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IMI Certified Mediator
Australia, Peru, Singapore
Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales
Environment, Finance, Indigenous
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Evaluative, Facilitative, Transformative
Resolution Institute
Mediation Profile

One of Delcy’s great contributions is her active participation in the drafting of the UNCITRAL Singapore Mediation Convention as Head of the LawAsia delegation to the negotiations in New York and Vienna. The Singapore Mediation Convention was signed in 7 August 2019.

Delcy is a founding partner of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, based in Canberra, Australia and of Third Party Mediation which provides Alternative Dispute Resolution services, including mediation and conciliation. 

Delcy is a Director of the Executive Committee of the UNCITRAL National Committee for Australia.

Among other awards Delcy was named International Mediator of the Year in Australia and Excellence in the Practice of Dispute Resolution . 

Delcy is a lawyer qualified in the Civil Law System and has worked in International Trade and as a lawyer with the United Nations.

Delcy works as a Dispute Resolution Consultant with CAO Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, International Finance Corporation/World Bank mediating complex international environmental, land, human rights, investment disputes.

Delcy also practices as an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in Australia ( she mediates and conciliates successfully complex family law cases).
Delcy trained as a co-mediator in 1994 in Australia and is an advocate of the co-mediation model.

Delcy was one of the first Australian Judges at the annual International Commercial Mediation Competition organized by ICC in Paris and brought the competition to Australia with the support of the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

Delcy is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Mediation and Arbitration APCAM.

Delcy has lived in Peru, Italy, France, Switzerland, Cambodia and Australia, and traveled extensively to more countries, therefore she understands and works efficiently in different multicultural settings and legal systems.

Delcy has mediated in excess of 2,500 mediations since her initial training in 1994 in Australia.
In 1998 Delcy was requested to review the Conciliation Law in Peru and to train the first lawyers at the Lima Bar Association. 
Delcy was instrumental in creating the Association of Conciliation Centres in Peru.
Delcy has trained the members of the Vietnam Bar Federation in 2016 and the Hanoi Bar Association in ADR and Commercial Mediation in 2014.
Delcy has written two books on Mediation and Conciliation and contributed numerous articles and papers to Conferences around the world.

Delcy was trained in a co-mediation model and over the years has developed a unique style of solo mediation, based on a facilitative process. However, when required Delcy has successfully utilised a transformative process. Delcy firmly believes that each dispute is different and therefore the resolution process needs to be tailored accordingly. Delcy does not preach, judge or advise her clients in mediation, she listens to them and provides an environment where they feel safe to speak. Delcy's clients have said that she is knowledgeable in many fields and can be quite firm when required. Her clients have also said that she is easy to talk to and appreciated her warmth and compassionate manner.

Delcy specialises in International and Cross border disputes, including environment and investment disputes. Delcy also practices in international family disputes , including matrimonial property settlements. Delcy also mediates workplace and employment disputes.

Australian domestic rates: $700 per hour ( plus travel and accomodation when outside Canberra). Daily fees are $3,500 negotiable according to number of days. These fees are to be shared equally by the parties.
International fees: according to location and subject matter, plus travel and accommodation.

Lima Bar Association, Peru
ACT Law Society, Canberra, Australia
The Resolution Institute, Australia

Ms Gina Barbieri, Ombudsman, Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, IFC/World Bank, Washington DC.
Ms Michelle-Bryant Smith, Manager, Legal Aid, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Mr Bryan Clark, CEO, International Chamber of Commerce, Australia
Prof Jason Meek, Stanford Law School, University of California Berkeley School of Law

Training and Education

Delcy attends a minimum of 24 hours Mediation training as well as related conferences and workshops every year.

Delcy was a Guest lecturer at the University of Canberra, School of Law and Government, where she teaches Introduction to ADR and Mediation.
Delcy supervises newly accredited Mediators. 
She mentors University students in ADR and Mediation.
Delcy has been training lawyers in ADR and Commercial Mediation at the Vietnam Bar Federation and Hanoi Bar Association, Vietnam, since 2014.
Delcy conducted the first training in Conciliation for lawyers at the Lima Bar Association, Peru in 1998.
Delcy has supervised Mediators in their practical assessments over the years (with community organisations as well as with LEADR/Resolution Institute)


Manual de Conciliacion, self published, 1998, Lima, Peru (book used as manual for the training course of the Lima Bar Association, Peru)
Tecnicas de Mediacion, self published, 2001
A Proposito de la Conciliacion, Revista del Foro, Lima Bar Association, 1999
Deal facilitation, India International ADR Association , Kochi, India, May 2013


IMI Code of Professional Conduct
ACT Law Society
Lima Bar Association, Peru

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
Australian Capital Territory Law Society Complaint process

Professional Indemnity $10,000,000
Insurer W.R. Berkley Insurance Australia

Delcy Lagones De Anglim
Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre