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Deniz Kite Guner
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CEO, Global Mediators & Negotiators and Founder, Negotiators Society

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IMI Certified Mediator
Azerbaijan, Brazil, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States
English, German, Turkish
EQP - Experience Qualification Path (Historic)
Mediation Profile

Deniz Kite is the Founder of  GMN (Global Mediators & Negotiators) Turkey,  founder of Sustainable Peace Sustainable Business Symposia in Turkey, founder of Negotiators Society Programme in Turkey, first professional mediator of Turkey,  Member of Consultants’ Panel at Mediators Beyond Borders Washington D.C, Founder MBBI Turkey, the first Turkish Speaking IMI Certified Mediator, QAP Appraisal Committee Member at IMI, the first Turkish Musteshar of Egypt, listed international mediators of Milan & Florence Chamber of Commerce, Mentor at Workinton Incubation Center, a professional speaker, author, coach, strategist and trainer.

Before she started her career as a trainer in 2003, she lived 14 years in Vienna during which she was focused on fashion design and corporate clothing. During 1988-2002 some of her customers were very elite boutiques of Austria, and some well-known companies in Austria & Germany such as ÖWD, Securitas, Tchibo, Anker Brot, Daimler Benz.  After studying International Relations, MA Psychology and PhD in Management, she focused on negotiation & mediation “had her mediation training in Vienna” and as for today, she trained more than 600 mediators in Turkey who are the first and counted as best trained mediators & trainers of mediation in the country. As a mediator & negotiator, her specialization is resolving family business disputes, workplace disputes & commercial disputes.

She developed close relationships with governmental bodies such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Family and Social Politics, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice and she as well developed  considerable programmes with many Chamber of Commerces such as Kayseri, Gaziantep, Adana, Konya, Mersin, Ankara, Denizli and with Bar Associations such as Ankara, Adana, Istanbul, Gaziantep.

Together with Acıbadem University, she is developing the first Healthcare Conflict Management training programme in Turkey. With Babeş Bolyai University, she is developing negotiation trainings and promoting negotiaon culture in Turkey besides building up a negotiators society.

She delivered trainings such as crisis management, relationship & communication management, communication in general, team management, unifying leadership, mediation, decision making, problem solving, time management, coaching, intercultural communication, negotiation, conflict management and resolution, international marketing, emotion management, relationship management, critical thinking,  etc to many national and international organizations such as Marks & Spencer, Istanbul Municipiality, Aksa Jeneratörleri, Turkish Military Academy, Inci Yaldız, Coca-Cola, Acıbadem Hospitals, special categorized Hotels in Cappadokia, Ottoman Imperial Hotel, at European Development Centers at Denizli, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Adana, Mersin, Trabzon, Government SME Development Centres, Garanti Bankası, Pierre Cardin, Garanti Teknoloji, Legrande. She served as mediator/consultant at different companies; Coca-Cola, Fenerbahçe, Adana Demirspor, some family businesses which their names, due to code of ethics, can’t be mentioned in Gaziantep, Kayseri, Antalya, İstanbul, İzmit, Nevşehir, Adana. Besides she works closely with different Rotary Clubs and some other respected NGOs in Turkey.

While consulting to TUKID, the biggest Stationary Association of Turkey, she developed the Quality Criteria for Retail Stationaries and as well the Training Programme for Retail Stationaries in coordination with Istanbul Commerce University.

Deniz Kite has written 8 books; 4 poetry books, 2 books on mediation, one included her paintings and was on meditation and one philosophical novel between 2005-2013. Her last book “A Negotiators Hand Book” is at the publisher now and will be on sale by October 2018. She wrote International Politics at Cumhuriyet Newspaper between 2003-2004 and continued her writings at different e-magazines, journals and blogs. At the moment she is at the Consultant Panel and a listed writer at Anka Enstitusu. She has been invited many times to TV programmes, such as Sky News, Star, Haber 24, Kanal 7 and was speaker at many conferences some of which are American Bar Association Conference, MBB Congress, United Nations, New York Peace Institute, Turkish Mediators Congress, Zagreb Mediation Conference.

Since 2017, besides her other duties, she is one of the mentors at Workinton Incubation Center in Istanbul. 


I had mediation training in Vienna in 2000. I decided to move back to Turkey to focus on mediation in Turkey in 2002. In 2003, I trained judges and social workers at Sultanahmet Juvenile Court. Between 2005-2015, I trained over 600 mediators and over 150 negotiators in Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Egypt. Besides private sector, I worked with and trained at Gaziantep EU Business Center, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce, Ankara Bar Association, Konya Chamber of Commerce, Denizli-Trabzon-Konya-Kayseri EU Business Centers, Ministry of Justice. I organised different conferences on mediation in Turkey: 2005 International Mediation Conference, 2006-2007 Conferences with Ankara Bar Association and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce in which Jeremy Lack, Prof. Harold Abramson, Prof. Jaques Salzer, Giacinto Tommasini, Lino Barbasso, Prof. Guiseppe de Palo, Stefano Sedola and some other international mediators, CIArb Europe Conference in Istanbul in 2009 with CIArb Europe Team, 1st Turkish Mediators Congress in 2010 in Konya, co-organized Mediators Beyond Borders Istanbul Congress in 2012. I organized different trainings in many cities in Turkey with Prof. Marco Turk, Giacinto Tommasini, Lino Barbasso, Jeremy Lack, Prof.Dr.Hal Abramson, Prof. Jaques Salzer, Corinne de Jong, Dr.Christian Radu Chereji and many other international mediators. I mediated mostly family business and commercial disputes, workplace disputes, some sports and intercultural disputes, very few family conflicts. I wrote four books on mediation: School Mediation in 2005, Mediation in 21st Century in 2007, A Philosopher Mediator's Book of Awareness: Inisiasion Circle in 2009, A Negotiators Handbook in December 2018. I published the first Mediation Journal of Turkey; Arché in 2007-2008. From January 2017.

Depending on the dispute, problem-solving, reflexive and/or facilitative mediation. 




Although I have been serving as a mediator in domestic and international matters including commercial, sports, family business disputes and workplace disputes for the last twenty years, since 2016, I accept more negotiation cases than mediating disputes.

For Mediation: 250 Euro/Hour + VAT, except travel, accomodation, etc. cost when applicable.
For Training/ Lecturing: 750 Euro/Day + VAT, except travel, accomodation, copying, training room, etc when applicable.
I deliver at least 200 hours pro bono trainings each year and as well support at least 10 women by scholarships.
For Negotiation: 500 Euro/Hour + 10% + VAT, except travel, accomodation, etc. cost when applicable.

President, Global Mediators Negotiators, Former Member, BoD, Mediators Beyond Borders Member, Consultant Panel, Mediators Beyond Borders International Mediator, Milan Chamber of Commerce Listed Mediator/ Trainer Turkish MFA Musthesar, NEDRC, Egypt Member, CIArb. International Mediator, Florence Mediation Chamber, Founder Negotiators Society, Advisory Board Member at Bangladesh Mediation & Arbitration Center

Prof. Vibeke Vindelov, University of Copenhagen Prof. Marco Turk, California State University Prof. Harald Abramson, Touro Law School Jeremy Lack, IMI Prabha Sankaranarayan, President Mediators Beyond Borders.

Training and Education

2000-2001 Mediation Training, Vienna 2003-2004 MA Applied Pyschology 2005-2008 Non-violent Communication Between 2015-2015 taking different courses on ethics, negotiation, reflexive mediation 2015 Sustainability Management 2015 Started BA in Sociology Between 2005-2015 Participated or spoke or chaired sessions at many International Conferences on CR & Mediation. 2016 Completed Family Consultancy Certificate Programme

Between 2003-2018 trained more than 600 mediators in Turkey, mostly Turkish though some foreigners as well, mostly from Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and Caucasus. After the Mediation Law in 2012, some of the most respected trainers became some of these Participants trained by my Programmes. I supervised more than 100 respected mediators in Turkey. They are still teaching at different universities, Bar Associations and Union of Bar Associations. Besides, I am teaching Conflict Resolution Skills, Negotiation or Workplace Mediation to Managers; mostly at international corporations, since 2005. I taught negotiation at Turkish Military Academy. Between 2015-2017, I delivered Training for Trainers at Girne American University Istanbul Venue.

Since 2017, I am more focused on negotian trainings to establish a negotiators society in Turkey.

Since 2017, I am a Mentor at Workington Incubation Center.


School Mediation in 2005, Mediation in 21st Century in 2007, A Philospher Mediator's Book of Awareness: Inisiasion Circle in 2009, A Successful Mediator's Handbook, 2020


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Deniz Kite Guner
GMN Institute
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